Many of us have visions of that “dream job”. But is it really possible to love your job? After all, it is work. But when you find the right fit—satisfying work, good compensation, a healthy workplace, and an inspiring work culture, it is possible to love your job. More than any other factors at play, an organization’s corporate culture makes all the difference. 

Despite great pay and a dynamic role, it’s possible you were unhappy in a previous job. What was it that made you cringe when you walked through the doors? Was it the micro-managing supervisor? Was it the inflexible hours? Maybe you had uncooperative and negative co-workers that brought you down.  

By contrast, remember the company you enjoyed working for because they offered support when you were going through a trying time. They had ideal working hours, and all the employees worked together for the company’s greater good. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work in a similar setting again? Seek out an organization with a corporate culture that enables and allows you to thrive.

4 Components that Make for a Desirable Company Culture

The healthcare industry is both demanding and rewarding. When you choose to work for a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or continuing care retirement community, you want to know that you are joining an organization you can be proud of. Here are four questions that can aid you in determining if a company’s culture is a good fit for you:

  1. What is the company’s mission statement? These statements set companies apart from one another while sharing how they want to make the world a better place. Wesley Enhanced Living seeks to help our residents stay safe, stay active—socially and physically, eat healthy food, practice a sound daily routine, and lead happier retired lives. Making a difference in the lives of our residents is a mission that requires employees who share it and are dedicated to helping the organization stay true to its goals.
  2. Do they have core values you identify with? Many corporations commit to a mission statement and core values from which they make decisions. They serve as guideposts in decision-making. Take a peek at the company’s website for its core values. Are they ones that resonate with you? For example, Wesley Enhanced Living accomplishes its mission through the values of grace, honor, and integrity. Do these values align with yours?
  3. Do they encourage community among staff? You spend more time at work than you do with your family. You want to know that the company you work for enables you and your co-workers to thrive as a community by offering opportunities in team building and creating an atmosphere of camaraderie.
  4. Does management build trust with their staff? Trust must be earned, and great companies build trust through the consistency of thoughts and actions. Leadership openly lives out the core values of the organization. They allow you to do your job without micro-managing you.

Become Part of an Outstanding Corporate Culture at Wesley Enhanced Living

Are you ready to strengthen your core values that encourage you to make others’ lives better and support your professional development? Wesley Enhanced Living continually seeks out individuals ready to join us in working to accomplish our mission. Join us to make a significant difference in the lives of our residents and share in our vision to shift the paradigm of aging services for future generations. You will find what you are looking for in our Culture of Kindness, Compassion, and Respect. You can do all of this and more from Day 1 when you join us at one of our Wesley Enhanced Living communities. 

Wesley Enhanced Living provides high-quality senior retirement communities for the elderly.  We have cultivated an environment where you can build meaningful and lasting relationshipsand enjoy a sense of community where everyone is committed to making a difference. If you are ready to make a compelling difference in the lives of others, join our team, and we will make a difference together. Apply today at!