Physical and social activities are important to a senior’s physiological and emotional well-being. Maintaining a social lifestyle keeps you connected to others and has been found to be as effective as physical activities in improving mood and quality of life. However, a new study of over 4,300 Medicare beneficiaries found that social life slows down significantly when seniors stop driving. Findings revealed that those who continued to drive were almost three times more socially active than those that had given up the wheel. How to Maintain an Active Lifestyle Without Driving Social isolation puts seniors at risk for depression. Prolonged loneliness could lead to cognitive decline and even conditions like dementia in the long run. The experienced caregiving team at our independent living facility offers some valuable tips on how you can continue to remain physically and socially active even after you give up driving.
  • Explore public transit: Most towns and cities have reduced fares for seniors. Explore the bus and train routes in your neighborhood to see how you can get around. Also, check with your local transportation authority about senior fare discounts and paratransit facilities for individuals with disabilities.
  • Try volunteer transportation: Some local senior centers and places of worship offer volunteer ride services for specific programs. Explore these options as well as other volunteer driver programs for seniors in your neighborhood. You may be pleasantly surprised.
  • Consider a rideshare service: Popular rideshare services like Uber and Lyft can be a great alternative when there is no public transport to your destination. Although they can be cheaper than taxi cabs, it is important to understand that the fare structure is different and can be higher at peak times. In addition to clarifying the fare and your destination, also ensure that the driver is really from Uber or Lyft before you get into the vehicle.
  • Treat yourself to a cab: Not the preferred travel option because of cost, a taxi might be worth considering, however, in inclement weather. Research the different taxi companies in your area well in advance as rates differ. In some instances, traveling by taxi can be cheaper than using a rideshare service.
  • Find activities close to home: Find retirees on your street or in the neighborhood that you can share a cup of coffee and chat or play cards with. Invite them over when you cannot go out. You could also join a local volunteer association with a mixed age group of people that might be willing to give you a ride to meetings and events.
  • Consider moving to a retirement residence: Communities like Wesley Enhanced Living offer plenty of onsite programs to keep you physically and socially active throughout the year. A convenient location makes it easy to access local facilities. We also provide transportation for scheduled shopping trips and other excursions.
At Wesley Enhanced Living, we offer a range of activities to help our seniors enjoy their retirement years. Recreational and fitness programs, social and cultural events, discussion groups, worship services, volunteer opportunities—you can choose a variety of ways to stay active and engaged. A resident survey revealed that our high-quality accommodations and programming, delicious cuisine and individualized care made them feel their quality of life has greatly improved after living in our retirement communities. Come and tour our independent living communities across Pennsylvania to see why our seniors love living here. One of our representatives will be happy to show you around, educate you on our services and discuss your requirements. Wesley Enhanced Living provides top quality programming and care for you and your loved ones. Please visit our independent living communities to know more or click here to request more information today.