Mindfulness is a term that has been tossed around for years. Drawing from various aspects of Buddhism, mindfulness is not a specific belief system. It is a particular way of viewing the world and of living. Many describe it as a practice of “being in the now,” and often meditation is used to assist that outlook. It has been suggested that practicing mindfulness meditation can reduce stress and create a sense of happiness. There are some additional benefits seniors can enjoy when they slow down and take time to be mindful. If you are looking for a new way to start your year, you might consider learning more about mindfulness. 5 Benefits of Practicing Mindful Meditation for Seniors Here are 5 advantages of utilizing mindfulness techniques:
  1. Living Longer. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that the elderly could potentially increase their lifespan with the practice of meditation.
  2. Feelings of Loneliness May Decrease. Isolation and loneliness is a significant problem for seniors, which can lead to depression. According to a study by UCLA, the practice of mindful meditation for as little as eight weeks reduced loneliness.
  3. Improved Health and Feelings of Connectedness in Retirement Communities. The techniques taught for mindfulness meditation can easily be shown to residents in independent living and retirement communities as noted in a study found in Geriatric Nursing.
  4. Alzheimer’s May Be Slowed. Since Alzheimer’s can worsen under anxiety and stress, meditation and breathing exercises help protect the brain from stress, and thus slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
  5. Reduction in Healthcare Costs. It is possible that you may see less time in a hospital if you practice mindfulness meditation. A study found in the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality discovered that seniors practicing medication were hospitalized less often and for shorter periods.
The study and practice of mindfulness are not about focusing on nothing or self-improvement. It is a way to get in touch with who you are as a person. It carries the rewards of being deeply satisfied with yourself. Enjoy the advantages of mindfulness practices. At Wesley Enhanced Living, we encourage our residents to find new avenues to experience and enjoy life to its fullest. Contact one of our several Philadelphia area locations and find out why our seniors call Wesley Enhanced Living their home. Our staff will be glad to discuss your needs, give your family a tour, and inform you of all our services. Wesley Enhanced Living provides high-quality senior living for you or your loved ones. Please visit us to learn more or click here to request more information today.