Here at Wesley Enhanced Living, we have cultivated a culture where Kindness, Compassion, and Respect are at the core of everything we do. Our BE KIND initiative takes a closer look at different ways one can Be Kind. Each quarter of this year, we will focus on a different way to Be Kind. We will start with Be Kind to yourself, followed by Be Kind to the Earth, Be Kind to others, and will end the year focused on ways to Be Kind to your community. Each quarter we will share information about what we are doing internally to spread Kindness. 

This quarter, we would like to focus on ways to Be Kind to yourself. Being Kind to yourself means taking the time to focus on your needs and what is important to you. 

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, we may find ourselves focused outward and not always inward. We may be so committed to meeting the needs of others that we may not always be thinking of ourselves. When this happens, we may find that we become more stressed, tired, overwhelmed, and maybe even feeling like we are missing out on things. By taking simple steps to BE KIND to yourself, you will feel more motivated, more confident, and be more resilient to overcome life’s challenges. 

Take some time to think about your needs and what is important to you. Maybe you want to create better habits, reduce stress, strengthen relationships, or be more compassionate with yourself. At Wesley Enhanced Living we offer a full suite of solutions to support the health, financial wellbeing, personal life, and professional development of our employees. Take advantage of these resources to help you focus on being KIND to yourself. You will find that taking time each day to do something for YOU will soon become a routine and you will start to feel a difference! Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Believe in yourself. Have faith in your own abilities and skills. Be confident in who you are and embrace opportunities to learn and grow. 

Recognize your Accomplishments. You make a positive impact in the lives of others every day. Remind yourself that you make a difference and celebrate your efforts. Remember, even a simple smile, a “thank you,” or saying, “hello” can go a long way. 

Create Healthy Habits. Overall wellbeing increases happiness. By implementing small changes into your daily lifestyle, they will become part of an everyday routine. Simple things like getting enough sleep, eating a healthy breakfast, drinking enough water, exercising for at least 10-minutes a day, and spending time with family will help you start to implement healthy habits that will stay with you for the rest of your life. 

Make Time for yourself. Make time every day to do something for yourself. Write in a journal, draw, read a book, meditate, exercise, get a massage, or just sit back and relax. Do something that brings you joy.

Perform Random Acts of Kindness or Volunteer. Doing good for others enhances happiness, life satisfaction, self-esteem, physical health, and mood. Who knew that being Kind to others was a way you could also be Kind to yourself? 

At Wesley Enhanced Living, our employees are encouraged to be active and engaged in our mission to make a compelling difference in the lives of our residents. Our employees live their purpose every day and make a huge impact on others. We offer opportunities and resources to help our employees reach their full potential.  Join us and help us make a difference! You will notice a positive difference in others and in you.