Accountability involves taking ownership, reliably delivering on commitments, and taking responsibility for the outcomes of your actions and decisions. We are all responsible for our own success.  At the end of the day, you have to take ownership for your own success or failures. 

It is okay to fail, this is how we learn. How we react to this setback is what shows our true character. When you take responsibility for your own actions and behaviors and refrain from blaming others for your failures, you will find that you will be better able to learn from your mistakes and grow. Once you accept that things could have gone better and take ownership of the situation you will be able to correct your error, answer to any consequences, and move on having learned a valuable lesson. All because you accepted responsibility and held yourself accountable. Being answerable for your actions is also a great way to build confidence in yourself and build trust with those around you. 

When you accept a position with an organization, you are assuming responsibility to adhere to company policies, procedures, and standards; you are agreeing to perform the duties associated with your role; and you are making a commitment to the organization to work to fulfil the company’s mission, vision, and values. This is a huge responsibility and not one to take lightly. It is crucial that you take this into consideration when interviewing for a company. If you are not willing to hold yourself accountable to show up, perform, and be truly committed to the company, you may not be pursuing the right opportunity for you. You have to be fully invested in what you are doing to ensure you will be successful. If you are not “all in” you may be setting yourself up for failure. The concept of being “all in” means being fully committed and accountable to what you do. 

At Wesley Enhanced Living (WEL), our culture is cultivated by our people and their commitment to our purpose. A sense of community has developed from the connections made and camaraderie of our employees. Here, you are able to build meaningful relationships with residents, their families, and your peers; enjoy an environment where everyone is working together towards a common goal – to make an Impact in the lives of others; and experience an unparalleled commitment to our Mission and Vision, to each other and the broader community with Grace, Honor, and Integrity. Join Our Team and we will make a difference together!