Company culture can come in the form of how people dress to how leadership speaks. While an interview is a chance to impress an employer, it is also an opportunity to gauge what it is really like to work there. 

According to a Career Builder survey, two-thirds of employees say they have accepted a job and then realized it’s a bad fit, and 50% of them ended up quitting within six months. Culture fit, also described as, “the way things are done around here,” matters. This is the alignment of the company’s core values and culture with its employees. 

There are specific interview questions that job seekers can ask to find out whether a company is the right fit. When deciding between multiple offers, asking these questions can help compare responses. 

A company’s values will show up in decision-making and everyday behaviors. Every company has its own value system, approach to conflicts, internal politics, and working environment. The following questions are some examples that can cover valuable discussion topics and minimize surprises in the long run. 

  1. What makes you proud to work at this company?
  2. Is risk-taking encouraged, and what happens when people fail?
  3. When and how do people like to give and receive feedback?
  4. What are some ways the company celebrates success?
  5. What is the biggest adjustment for you when you started here? 

These questions are meant to spotlight the company culture highs and indicate areas that are potential lows. Asking the right questions will help in making the most informed decisions and increase the chances of being successful. 

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