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Wesley Enhanced Living Burholme Residents Welcome Special Visitors!

NBC10 was there as Paws of the Spirit brought guinea pigs, rabbits and dogs to Wesley Enhanced Living's Burholme community for some much loved pet therapy!  Pet therapy has proven physical health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, releasing endorphins that have a calming effect and improving cardiovascular heath.  Mental health benefits include lessening depression and feelings of isolation, encouraging communication, decreasing anxiety and increasing socialization and sense of community. Click here to see the full story. The segment was also featured as a teaser before a commercial break! Residents and staff love when our furry friends come to visit!...

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Wesley Enhanced Living Resident, Tony D’Onofrio, Remembers His Time Working with the New York Yankees

The year was 1948, and the teenager born in the imposing shadow of Yankee Stadium was up to his racing heart in heroes. DiMaggio. Berra. Rizzuto. The New York Yankees. The perennial World Series champion Yankees. Future Hall of Fame Yankees. The Yankees. HisYankees. Flannel-draped sports idols so incredibly legendary they bordered on mythic. Royalty in pinstripes. A diamond of shimmering stars. The Bronx does Hollywood. And there Tony D'Onofrio was, all of 18, smack in the middle of it. He was a go-fer hired by the Yanks, earning $3 per game when bread cost 14 cents a loaf and...

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Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line Honors WWII “Rosie the Riveter”

On Sunday, September 4th, Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line hosted a ceremony to honor resident June Robbins for her work as a “Rosie the Riveter” during WWII. June served as a draftsman at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard where she built 53 ships and repaired 574 ships for both the US and it’s allies during those years. The international organization of Rosies, called “Thanks! Plain and Simple,” attended the ceremony and helped to dedicate a commemorative pink dogwood tree, planted in honor of all Rosies.  The dogwood is symbolic for beauty, democracy and resiliency. The tree was donated by local Newtown...

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Wesley Enhanced Living Residents Can FLY!!!

Wesley Enhanced Living Doylestown residents continued their quest to defy the aging process with a trip to iFly Indoor Skydiving in King of Prussia on August 31 and Fox 29 News was there to capture it all! The adventure was just a prequel to the real thing for two residents who will jump from an airplane in a few weeks! Click here to see the full story!  

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