Wesley Enhanced Living Doylestown Update 4/12/2021


I was reacquainted with Resident Council members this past week.  I regard this group as one of the best conduits for communication flow in two directions:  from resident community to administration and the reverse.  As a representative group, it surfaces ideas from all corners of the campus.  By the way Agnes Hebling, president of the Council, has asked that all residents be reminded that the election for Council representatives is upcoming and all are encouraged to be involved and participate in this and other expressions of community.   

Council members spoke freely about their appreciation for the dedication, presence and availability of staff.  They observe that we enjoy a good team of coworkers and their leaders: ‘the best ever.’   Social interaction among residents also is increasing in keeping with increased openness for the community. 

Not news to anyone, the difficulty of finding workers to hire filling vacancies dominates and guides our efforts.  We believe that the problem will right itself in time as we regroup in post-2020


Beginning April 16, Wesley Enhanced Living will conduct a Satisfaction Survey targeting residents and employees.  This process has been an annual practice, EXCEPT for last year – we were busy with other things.  All will be provided an electronic way to participate or hard copy if desired.  Results will be tabulated and reports will be provided to you at a later time.    The process is meant to give us indicators for improving practice and program.  Thanks, in advance.


We use the Bucks County based “Positivity Rate” as a gage to guide our infection precautions.  Announced on Friday, April 9, 2021, the rate is 10.7% which is slightly less and ends a four-week increasing trend.  It is still high and therefore the current restrictions on in-person visitation of Skilled Nursing residents in the building and of Personal Care residents in their apartments, remain. Visitation can take place outside or in pre-designated locations and sign up is required. 

We understand that 1/3rd of the US population is now at least partially vaccinated.  Of concern nationally, is the number of persons who elect NOT to receive a covid vaccination when available.  We’ve waited long for the vaccine and we know it to be efficacious.  It does affect who can visit residents.  So, we encourage being vaccinated as soon as possible. Particularly for residents who have not yet been vaccinated, we have sites in view and can assist with transportation.  Please sign up with Karen Doler or one of the wellness nurses in their office on floor 9.    Vaccinations are making a big difference.


What’s the status of OUTDOOR IMPROVEMENTS?

  1. Standard patio furniture for the bistro area has been placed and some new pieces for sitting areas have been added to the Atrium [behind the main dining room] and the 9th floor patio.  There is a third set that will be appropriately placed in the next two weeks. 
  2. The patio sitting area adjacent to main entrance is to be refurbished and we are reviewing the plan for the area.  The work will be done by our landscaping contractor who is establishing a work date for us. 
  3. New trees to replace those removed are not planned and there is no requirement by the Conservation District to replace.  But, but we’ve requested recommendations and pricing from our landscape contractor in order to consider adding trees. No decisions have been made.
  4. Sharps landscaping [our landscaper] explains that they’re overloaded with springtime requests.  So, we are monitoring closely the work needed for scheduling. 


Thanks to all residents for participating in training for the use of new emergency call buttons and to staff who organized the distribution and training process.  The new nurse call bell system is now being used and any pendant that is activated will be responded to accordingly.  

Steven T. Cherry, nha

Interim Executive Director

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