Wesley Enhanced Living Community Update: 08-04-2020

Opening Plan

            The social and infection control restrictions that we’ve all learned to hate and from which many feel an inordinate amount of stress, remain important since we have to learn how to coexist with the pandemic.  Though what’s below may seem tedious, it is really a measured, incremental approach to relaxing some of the standards without compromising safety.  One of the rules of the regulators’ game is that only one new case of the infection, sends everyone back to the beginning [remember Monopoly’s © ‘go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200?’].  Opening carefully for this building, while avoiding infection, is the narrow way.   IN ALL CASES, the use of Masks, hand washing and physical distance (6’) are important, effective and REQUIRED

Here’s a summary of where we are.

  1. Outdoor Visits. 
    1. INDEPENDENT LIVING residents and family members have enjoyed this for several weeks. 
    2. PERSONAL CARE.  Family visits began on July 27 at the northwest, Nursing Entrance.  These are arranged by appointment using SignUp Genius, found on our website.   Log on to  > News & Info > Community Update > Wesley Doylestown > (Password) DTWesleyPersonal Care Community, to sign up.   Or you may call Ricardo Gonzales at 267-895-1189.
    3. SKILLED NURSING.  Visits commenced on July 27.  These are also by appointment using SignUp Genius, at the WEL website (see above), Sign up by pressing Skilled Nursing Community, or you may call Gail Broughton at 267-895-1182.
  2. Hairdresser Service
    1. INDEPENDENT LIVING (currently available) on the 9th floor salon.  
    2. PERSONAL CARE, also by appointment on floor 9, began on August 3.   
    3. SKILLED NURSING.  Hairdresser services are available on the 2nd floor, beginning August 3. 
  3. Inside Visits
    1. INDEPENDENT LIVING only.  On August 10, inside visits by family members to residents will be permitted under the following guidelines:
      • Beginning on THURSDAY this week, appointments can be made by using SignUp Genius.  See log on instructions above, through the WEL website.   Appointments will be available, beginning Monday August 10, every ½ hour from 9 – 11am,  1 – 7pm.  Each time increment allows for a group of no more than 2 persons. 
      • After entering the Main Entrance at your appointed time, you will be checked in by the receptionist and pre-screened using AccuShield including your temperature.  Anyone who is not under the temperature threshold (< 100degrees), or doesn’t pass the exposure and symptoms questions, will be denied entry.
      • Visits are limited to 1 hour.
      • Masks must be worn at all times; visitors and residents must maintain 6’ distance; and hands should be washed often. 
      • Visits are limited to 2 persons.  Children < 16 years are not permitted.
      • Food is not to be consumed in apartment and if food is brought, it is for later consumption by resident
  4. Bistro and Food Service
    1. Beginning the week of Aug 10, dining staff will be engaged in equipment orientation.
    2. The Bistro will open for lunchtime limited seating and lunch pick up, the week of August 24 (pending approval by the Bucks Health Department).   Independent Living Residents only will be invited to receive takeout lunch, free of charge, from the Bistro according to the following schedule:   Monday floor 4;   Tuesday Floor 5;   Wednesday Floor 6;   Thursday Floor 7;   Friday Floor 8.
    3. Dinner, lunch and breakfast can still be ordered for delivery to apartment.
    4. A new tracking system called ‘Dining Dollars’ will be introduced for meal payment.  Watch for special instructions, to be provided.
    5. Bistro will be open for lunch and supper service beginning September 1st.
    6. Opening days for dining service in dining rooms and regular service at “The Well,” are to be determined. 

Renovation Update

            We remain on track to see the renovation project completed on August 21 which includes final finishing touches.  The Benchmark construction trailer will be moved off site.   At that point, we begin the process of breaking in new equipment and getting used to new spaces. Time will be required for finishing touches on program implementation as well as orientation to new equipment use.   AND of course, we have limitations to accommodate with infection safety protocols. 

How You Can Help Us Continue to Manage a Continuing Pandemic

  • Limit deliveries to residents, especially perishables
  • Wear a Mask whenever outside apartments (residents), on campus (visitors), (pretty much all the time except when eating), wash hands, keep distance.
  • If you’ve travelled to a “Hot Spot” state, quarantine for 2 weeks before visiting, or picking up a resident.  Or if you are a resident, quarantine in your apartment.

Thanks for your goodwill, optimism and appreciation.  All our best to all.

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