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Wesley Enhanced Living Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 3/22/2020

Wesley Enhanced Living senior living communities fall into the category of “life-sustaining” businesses and remain fully operational, caring for our residents, throughout this time. Our food and other suppliers will continue to make deliveries to all our communities, to assure our residents basic needs are met.

Protocols that have been put in place are working well, to include meal delivery and other practices designed to keep our residents and employees safe and healthy.

We appreciate the cooperation of all residents and family members in adhering to our “No Visitor Policy” for family and social distancing protocols for residents and staff. We also want to thank them, as their expressions of gratitude have greatly helped our employees in coping with our temporary ‘new normal.’

Updates will be posted as needed if situations change.

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Wesley Enhanced Living Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 3/15/2020

Yesterday, Governor Tom Wolf made an announcement to expand social distancing efforts in several Pennsylvania counties.

To that end, we are also making additional changes to practices in all of our communities in an effort to minimize exposure to and transmission of COVID-19.

 Effective immediately:

  • All resident activities and worship services will be discontinued until further notice. 
  • Resident dining rooms will be closed by Monday, 3/16/2020 and we will be making provisions for staff to deliver meals to residents in their apartments.  
  • Other than medically necessary physician visits, we are strongly discouraging residents leaving their WEL community at this time.  Staff will continue to bring in services, food, and supplies as needed.

We continue to implore employees to please use common sense and follow CDC guidelines outside their time at work, including social distancing, avoiding large events and gatherings, only leaving the house if necessary, and not going to the gym, stores or any public places that may results in exposure to the virus.

Please know we are enacting the above policies because the health and welfare of our residents guide everything we do. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding at this time. 

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Wesley Enhanced Living Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Wesley Enhanced Living is committed to being as aggressive as we can be in taking measures to protect our residents and employees from exposure to and spread of COVID-19.  At this time, there are no known cases in any of our six senior living communities or our corporate office.  The World Health Organization has now deemed COVID-19 a pandemic; given the increasing need for precautions regarding transmission, we have put protocols in place to minimize risk:


  • All communities are closed to visitors.  Our staff will be available to assist residents with technology to aid in virtual visits through FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp.
  • Outside individuals who are required to enter a community, for example, construction workers, are required to go through a multi-step screening process before gaining access to any of our buildings and will be given only limited access to necessary areas of the building. 

Prospective Residents

  • We will continue, under extremely controlled conditions, to provide tours to prospective residents on a limited basis.  Technology will also be used to facilitate tours when appropriate.
  • Open houses and group events will be cancelled until further notice.


  • All outside trips will be cancelled.
  • We request that routine physician visits be cancelled, and visits to doctor’s offices should only take place for medically necessary treatments and conditions.
  • Residents will be discouraged from leaving the community, and especially asked not to participate in large group outings or events at outside venues.
  • All activities and worship services within the community involving outside vendors will be cancelled for the time being.
  • Residents are asked to follow CDC guidelines which have proven effective in stopping the spread of illness, including frequent handwashing, using hand sanitizer, coughing or sneezing into your elbow, staying home if you are sick, and avoiding contact with others who are sick.  


  • Employees will be screened and monitored for illness, and asked to leave the community if symptoms appear.  
  • We will continue to evaluate the need to provide all types of personal protective equipment.
  • Employees are required to follow CDC guidelines to help stop the spread of illness, listed above.  

Infection control

  • Already robust cleaning protocols within common areas of the community, which are standard during flu season, will remain in place.
  • Desks, computers, time clocks, door knobs , etc. will be cleaned with disinfectants frequently.

Our medical directors have reviewed and approved current practices;   we are monitoring the situation closely and will make adjustments as necessary.   

For continual updates regarding the coronavirus, please visit the CDC website, www.cdc.gov, and for particular guidance regarding work, home, and school safety, please see their recommendations here.   

We are dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for our residents and employees, and the well -being of all is our upmost priority.    Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this situation together.


Jeff Petty
President and CEO

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