WEL Main Line Renovation Update

LIBRARY:  The Library will be closed during Phase I for renovation.  All of the books and shelving will be held in on site storage until Phase I is complete.  Some of the library furniture and a portable book rack for paperback books will go to Fireside to be set up on the Fireplace side.  Paperback donations are being accepted.  If you have donations, please donate to Vicki.  The Library will re-open in its current location in Phase II.

THE ARK AND THE INTERFAITH CHAPEL: Under the guidance and supervision of Rabbi Meryl, the Ark will be temporarily relocated to the Auditorium in Fireside.  Items from the Interfaith Chapel will also temporarily relocate to Fireside. The Interfaith Chapel will open in its new space in Phase II.

THE LODGE: The Lodge will be closed for renovation during Phase I. The Pool Table and Shuffleboard and some of the Lodge furniture (including card tables) will go to Fireside, on the Fireplace side.

Sometime in early April, the auditorium chairs will move to the other half of Fireside.

The Ark will be moved to that part of Fireside where the auditorium chairs are.  The Lodge will re-open next to the Art Room in Phase III.

THE ART ROOM: The Art room will stay open in Phase I. Vicki’s office will be in the Art Room. The Art Room will undergo renovation in Phase II and re-open in its current location in Phase III.

THE CARD ROOM/THEATER: The Card Room will be converted into a temporary Theater in Phase I. Theater chairs will be moved into the Card Room sometime soon. If we can fit them, a few card tables and chairs will stay in the card room with the Theater furniture. This room will also serve as a meeting room when Movies are not being shown.  The Theater will re-open in its new location in Phase II.

The current Card Room will be renovated during Phase II and will re-open as the Lodge in Phase III.  Tables and space for cards and other games will be available in the Fireside Lodge/Lounge through Phase II.

THE MEETING ROOM: The Meeting Room will become the new Sales and Marketing Space during Phase I. The current Sales and Marketing will be part of the Phase I renovation.

WELLNESS CENTER: The Companion Office will move to Wellness.  Wellness will stay operational in Phase I and relocate to its new space in Phase II.

THE BANK: During Phase I the Bank will be operational in the Living room on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at a table when they have hours. The current Bank Office will be a part of the Phase I renovation.

THE SPA/BEAUTY SALON:  The Spa/Beauty Salon will be a part of the Phase I renovation.  We are finalizing the temporary location. The Spa/Beauty Salon will re-open in its current location in Phase II.

MAIN ENTRANCE/TEMPORARY FIRESIDE ENTRANCE: We will be moving the Main Entrance to the temporary Fireside Entrance in early April.  Landscaping, power washing and other needed work is happening next week to create a welcoming temporary Fireside Main Entrance.  Visitor parking will be available at the Fireside Temporary Entrance when the Temporary Entrance opens.  Flyers will be distributed to visitors with this information at the front desk.

Parking: We will be identifying new employee parking space soon.  Employees have been given Parking Passes so we can identify their cars.

Residents should register their cars with Vicki if they have not done so already.

Business Office, Administration and other Offices: We will be identifying new office space for Business Office, Administration and other areas early next week.

Model Apartments and Guest Apartments: Marketing is in the process of setting up new Model Apartments in several hallways.

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