Upper Moreland Personal Care Yellow Phase II Announcement: 06-14-2020

Dear Upper Moreland Residents and Families,

There have been many changes at our Upper Moreland Campus over the last 10 days. These new policies and procedures were implemented more quickly than we had planned because of the Power Outage.  In doing a retrospective review of our practices, we realized that we were premature in some of our changes and communications, specifically related to the residents in living in Personal Care.  After reviewing the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Department of Human Services guidelines, we have determined the following for the residents in Personal Care:

  1. All residents in Personal Care must wear a mask when outside of their apartment; the same holds true for all Upper Moreland residents.
  2. Social visitation is prohibited in Personal Care(this includes internal visitors from Independent Living going to Personal Care to visit, as well as external visitors), except for compassionate care situations.
  3. Social visitors are prohibited on the entire campus.  Drop offs are permitted for the Main Building in the Vestibule and drop offs to the cottages are permitted. All persons dropping off items should check in at the Main Entrance.
  4. Limited healthcare personnel from licensed agency only may be on campus. Healthcare personnel who indicate they have provided direct care to COVID positive patients, will be required to use full PPE when providing care to an Upper Moreland Resident.
  5. Both Apartment and Cottage Residents are required to notify the Receptionist in advance if Healthcare Personnel will be coming to provide services; again, these must be from a Licensed Agency, check in at the Main Entrance for screening and temperature check, and have the required PPE. 
  6. Communal dining limited (for COVID-19 negative or asymptomatic residents only), and residents may eat in the same room with social distancing (limited number of people at tables and spaced by at least 6 feet). We began communal dining for residents in Personal Care on Monday June 8 for all three meals and it is going well!
  7. Non-medically necessary trips outside the building should be avoided; therefore, we will be sharing a new date for when residents residing in Personal Care may leave the building for social visits or shopping. For medically necessary trips away from of the facility: The resident must wear a cloth face covering or facemask at all times. We are working to provide scenic rides to residents residing in Personal Care in the near future!  It will be good for them to get off the Upper Moreland Campus for a while.
  8. We are happy to help set up Virtual Visits with Zoom or Skype. We have accommodations for social visits through a window as well.  Please request a visit through the Receptionist.  Advanced notice is requested.
  9. Restrict group activities, but some activities may be conducted (for COVID-19 negative or asymptomatic residents only) with social distancing, hand hygiene, and use of a cloth face covering or facemask.  We have been (since March) and continue to do group activities for residents in Personal Care adhering to social distancing and proper infection control practices.
  10. 100% screening/temp checks of all persons (including residents) entering WEL UM and staff temperatures are taken in/out of building
  11. Ensure all outside persons entering building have cloth face covering or facemask.
  12. 100% screening for all PC residents 1x per day with temperature checks 2x per day
  13. Residents residing in Independent Living are required to use the Main Lobby to enter and exit. 

We have all seen the spikes in COVID 19 cases as restrictions ease.  Thank you for your understanding and patience and we move through this Phase carefully.  We want to be vigilant, intentional and careful so that we can try to keep the Personal Care Residence, and the entire campus, free of COVID 19. 

It is not easy but we believe the health and well-being of our residents is paramount and we know you do as well.

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