Upper Moreland: Going Green 06-25-2020

Dear Upper Moreland Residents and Families,

It’s not easy “Going Green” but we are getting there! I am happy to share that we continue to be free from COVID 19 at both Upper Moreland and Burholme for both residents and employees. Great job everyone! Continue to Social Distance, Wear Your Mask and Wash Your Hands…it is working.  Through these simple steps, we can keep our campus healthy.  If you have a fever or new symptoms of illness, Stay Home, call your doctor, call your family and call the front desk; this will reduce exposure to others in our community. 

Our team has several exciting changes to share.  On Friday June 26th, Montgomery County will move into the Green Phase.  Accordingly, WEL Upper Moreland will also be making changes for the GREEN/Phase III; as with other changes we have made, these are carefully planned and phased.   Attached you will find information for changes related to Dining and Visitors for GREEN/Phase III; please know more changes are coming in later weeks.

Here is some other important information:


  1. We are back on a routine schedule for housekeeping in apartments.
  2. Cottage residents will be contacted at the end of next week as we will be scheduling Spring (now Summer) cleaning for cottages.
  3. High traffic areas continue to be cleaned and sanitized routinely.

Enhanced Living, Programs and Activities

We are excited to offer expanded programs including Fitness, Bocce, Courtyard Music Series, Dining Under the Green Canopy, Scenic Rides and Shopping!

Refer to Flyers for details.


  1. Salon Service will begin for Independent Residents on Monday July 6th. Refer to the flyer for more details.
  2. Salon Service is by appointment only and service will only be provided in the salon.  Only 2 residents will be permitted in the Salon and the Stylist and resident(s) are required to wear a mask.
  3. Appointments can be made by calling or stopping by the front desk.
  4. No Walk Ins!
  5. The Stylist will be screened for fever and symptoms upon entry and exit.
  6. The Stylist may wear a face shield and will wear gloves.
  7. Cleaning, sanitizing and infection control procedures are in effect.
  8. Magazines, food/beverages are not permitted in the salon.
  9. We are planning for Salon Services for residents residing in Personal Care to resume on August 1st. (DOH/DHS permitting)

Please be reminded if someone on our campus is positive or presumed positive for COVID 19 we will advise all residents to self-isolate until we can complete Contact Tracing.  This is an in depth review and identification of all people who may have been exposed to the virus.  To properly conduct Contact Tracing, we will need time to identify and contact those people identified through the Tracing.

This is why it is critical for all residents and visitors to check in and out at the Main Entrance.  In the event Contact Tracing needs to be done, we must have a record of the persons on our campus, including dates and locations.  We very much appreciate your cooperation with these policies and protocols.

On days with high temperatures or bad weather, residents who park in the garage or back lot may call the Front Desk PRIOR to leaving to request departing from the Wesley Building.  Upon return, they should call the Front Desk to request entry through the Wesley Building.  We are asking that these requests be limited to days with bad weather.  Again, it is critical now for us to be able to monitor the flow of traffic through our campus.

I hope each time our campus moves one step closer to what we remember as normal, it makes our residents and families happy!  We at WEL Upper Moreland are here to Enhance Your Lives and we are happy to be able to move one step closer as well. 

It’s not easy Going Green but we are getting there!  Again, thank you for your ongoing patience and support.


Maureen Casey and the UM Team

WEL Upper Moreland DINING Changes beginning Tuesday June 30th

  1. The dining room for residents residing in Personal Care has been open for service for all three meals for the last 2 weeks and will continue service at 50% capacity.  Service is going well and all residents are served daily.
  2. The Cornerstone will resume seated service for dinner at 50% capacity on Tuesday June 30th.  Each table can seat 2 people. Take-out and delivery service are still available by calling the Takeout Line 215-302-3757, as are meals and beverages at the Bistro.
  3. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your reservation time. Check in at the Host Station in the Hallway; your temperature will be taken.  It is an infrared thermometer, it does not touch your skin and it measures surface temperature.  We will take your temperature at your wrist.  If you test high, we will take it a second time on a different area of your arms.  If it tests high a 2nd time, you will be given written instructions by the host and asked to return to your room to notify your doctor and family.  The host will also notify their supervisor. We will keep all information confidential which is why we are giving you the instructions in writing if you screen high for temperature. Please understand we cannot allow residents with a fever or symptoms in the dining room. 
  4. After check in, residents will be invited to sit in the Lobby until the table is ready.
  5. Reservations are required for Cornerstone and can be made by calling the Host Line 215-302-3758.
  6. Residents on the 1st & 3rd floors and Cottage residents residing at 2800-2814 and 2705-2723 can make reservations for Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4:00pm – 6:00pm and Sunday 11:30am – 3:00pm
  7. Residents on the 2nd & 4th floors and Cottage residents residing at 2819-2826 and 3900- 3921 can make reservations for Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 4:00pm – 6:00pm and Sunday 11:30am – 3:00pm.
  8. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance and only residents on the designated floors will be served each night.  We will not be accepting reservations for an entire week.
  9. Sanitizing stations have been placed at the entrance/exit of Cornerstone.  All residents will be required to sanitize upon entry/exit of the dining room.
  10. Masks are required EXCEPT for when seated at your table.  Masks must remain on and under your chin or away in a purse, pocket or bag. Masks may not remain on your table. 
  11. Menus will be distributed to all residents. We ask that you consider your menu selection prior to coming to the dining room to expedite service.
  12. Disposable menus, napkins, salt/pepper etc will be used in the dining room.  Dining staff are reviewing all infection control and sanitizing procedures for the dining room and kitchen.
  13. Dessert and coffee will be offered “To Go” style.  After dinner, residents will be invited to the Bar to pick up coffee/dessert.  Residents have the option to have dessert/coffee at the Bar or in the Bistro, the courtyard or the covered Terrace.  We will have tables set up and request that you follow social distancing and hand hygiene procedures while eating in these spaces.  Additionally, residents may choose to return to their apartment or cottage to enjoy coffee/dessert.
  14. Only residents who are eating/drinking will be permitted without a mask at these outdoor tables.
  15. Hand sanitizing stations will be readily available in these areas as will trash cans for disposable items.
  16. If you have concerns or questions about Dining, please direct them to Ralph or  Chelsea. 

WEL Upper Moreland VISITOR Policy Green/Phase III

Residents Residing in Personal Care

  1. For residents residing in Personal Care, Department of Human Services in partnership with the Department of Health is still restricting Routine Social Visits and supporting only Medically Necessary trips out of the building.
  2. However, according to CMS memorandum QSO-20-28-NH and the FAQ published on June 23, 2020 we can schedule “Compassionate Care Visits” for residents in Personal Care.  This is not limited to End of Life situations, but can be applied to residents who recently moved in, experienced a recent loss or other cases where the resident requires the support of family or friends.  These will be determined by request, on a case by case basis and the number of guests will be limited. Please contact the front desk to make a request for a visit. Prior approval is need for in person visit in Personal Care at this time.
  3. Of course, we are happy to accommodate window visits for Personal Care residents as well as Zoom, Skype, and Facetime visits for anyone and we have staff who can help.  Please call the front desk to help schedule one of these visits.

Residents Residing in Independent Living

  1. For residents residing in the Cottages, Social Visitors are permitted effective June 26th.   The number of visitors is limited to no more than 4 at a time in the Cottages. Visitors are expected to check in at the front desk to be screened, park at your cottage and follow all of our guidelines and policies, including social distancing and wearing a face mask on campus.  Visitors should not access other areas of campus or other residences. Visitors are also asked to check out at the Main Entrance when they leave campus.
  2. For residents residing in the Main Building, Social Visitors are permitted effective July 8th. Visitors will enter through the Main Entrance to be screened and will check out at the Main Entrance as well.  The only Entrance/Exit is the Main Entrance.

Because residents in Independent Living are able to leave campus, we are asking those residents and families to be respectful of our compromised residents and valuable staff and to only visit when necessary and restrict visiting to Private Residences.  No Social Visiting in Common Areas & No Visitors in Dining Venues please.

The Main Entrance is the only entrance/exit for the Main Building. Screening and Checking in and out is critical.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and partnership.

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