Update for all WEL Main Line Residents and Staff– 6/25/2021

We have no new positive cases in the Pines, our Personal Care. 

We have no positive cases in the Meadows, our Skilled Nursing Facility.

We have no positive cases in Independent Living.

We have no new positive cases with our staff. 

The most recent positivity rate in Delaware County is 0.9%, so we are confident that we did not see a Memorial Day surge.

I wanted to share some excellent news with our community.  Today, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, who supports our skilled nursing facility(SNF), the Meadows, released a list of nursing homes that have attained a percentage of staff vaccinated above 75% across the country.  I am very happy to announce that we reported a vaccinated percentage of 79.78% as of the end of the week of June 12th.  This puts us into a small number of SNFs in the state that have attained that 75% and only one of 2 in Delaware County and the only one that is a continuous care retirement setting.  The other setting is the transitional care unit at Riddle Hospital, which is surveyed like a SNF.  For comparison, the state average of vaccinated staff in SNFs is only 56.56%.  As many of you have certainly read or seen in the news, vaccination percentages are variable based on regional circumstances.  It is heartening to see that the collar counties around Philadelphia are taking the lead on vaccinations in Pennsylvania.  I recently witnessed a mother at my CVS with her 2 children getting their vaccines.  They were below 16 and she was very supportive and attentive to their plight as they got their shots.  Both were nonplussed, as most kids are about these types of things, and happily went looking for the toys they were promised for getting the shot!  There was an article about a government office in Florida where 6 staff members tested positive for Covid, 5 went to the hospital and 2 unfortunately passed away.  The single positive that did not go to the hospital was the only one that was vaccinated.  It is the best defense against the most severe outcomes of infection from Covid-19.

I mention our successes and these contemporary stories to hammer home how important it is to our community here for as high a percentage of vaccinated staff, residents and families as we can attain, keeping in mind medical and religious exemptions.  We continue to offer the vaccine here onsite monthly and educate anyone and every one of the value of the vaccine and the dangers of being unvaccinated.  I am blessed to know that the vast majority of residents, family members and staff have done their part to end this thing and gotten vaccinated.  Thank you all for your gift to our community.

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