Update for all WEL Main Line Residents and Staff– 5/7/2022

As we continue our tracing, we have noted 7 more positives, all in Independent Living.  This brings the total current number to 12.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  The symptoms have ranged from runny noses and dry cough to fatigue and sore throat.  There are 2 recovering in the hospital and the other 10 are quarantined in their apartments.  We continue to track any potential close contacts. 

Part of the difficulty right now is that many of the symptoms of Covid look like seasonal allergies, which is a common event right now.  I would ask everyone, residents, families, and staff, to be hyper aware of your respiratory health and report even mild symptoms.  It has become evident that some of our positives are the result of misreading symptoms and then engaging in casual contact with other community members.  Please exercise caution and keep the health of your friends and neighbors in mind when you make your decisions to attend activities or dining in person.  WEAR YOUR MASK PROPERLY!  I am aware of the fatigue with having this mask on while in and amongst others, but again, keep in mind the health of your friends and neighbors. 

As a reminder, our wellness office does not have access to rapid tests for Independent Living residents, regardless of how many times they are asked.  The supply of rapid tests provided to our community by the state is for use with our staff and our Meadows(skilled nursing facility) residents.  Rapid tests are available commercially and quite honestly, a positive rapid test is always followed with a PCR to validate the results and really does not change the course of early treatment.  If you are showing any kind of symptoms, self quarantine and ask your physician for a script for a PCR test.  Wellness can send a PCR out to the lab with a script from your physician.

Another reminder is that wellness is not available to support those in quarantine beyond occasional check ins and working to assist in making sure they have their meals delivered.  All residents have been provided a pendant to press if they need emergency care.  However, there is a responsibility to the families to support your loved ones if they are requiring more than this level of assistance.  We are not staffed to provide consistent care in Independent Living.  If there is a need for increased assistance, we have companion services for an added cost and subject to availability.  Please reach out to wellness to update your plans to support your loved ones while they recover.

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