Transcript of Jeff Petty COVID-19 Weekly Audio Message: April 9, 2020


Hello, this is Jeff Petty on Thursday afternoon April 9th. This is my second installment of weekly updates for our residents and their families, directly from me to you. These messages, I hope, will help you stay up to date on the latest news here at Wesley Enhanced Living. You can also access a written version of this message on our website. Updates should be available by Thursday afternoon every week.

First, I want to thank all of you again for continuing to respond nearly universally to our requests that you all isolate in your apartments and rooms. The staff at WEL has done a great job in developing new ideas for “creative socialization” to keep you connected to family, friends and neighbors.

The measures we take to protect all of you and all WEL employees remains our paramount focus. We remain extremely appreciative for all your support and cooperation, and the tremendous efforts of our employees – who are the real Superhero’s during this time.  The gratitude you and your family members have expressed towards our front line employees during this time makes all the difference for them.  I encourage you to continue with your words of appreciation when you can.

The primary purpose of these messages is to keep you informed. So, here is the latest …

As of right now, we have had no cases of COVID-19 among our independent living or personal care residents at any of our WEL communities.  At our Upper Moreland, Burholme, and Doylestown communities, we have no cases among employees or residents in any levels of care.  However, we now have 6 employee cases each at our Stapeley, Pennypack Park communities, and 2 at our Main Line community.  All these employees are at home in self-quarantine at this time, per our guidelines. We have 4 health center cases at our Pennypack Park location, but 2 of these residents are in the hospital and the other 2 are in isolation at the community. At Stapeley, we have 3 resident cases, with 2 of these residents at the hospital, and one in isolation at the community. We have 2 health center resident cases at our Main Line community, one is still in the hospital, and one remains in isolation at the community.

Regarding our supply of personal protective equipment: we centralized our efforts several weeks ago in approaching our existing vendors, new vendors and various local, state and national authorities, as well as rolling supplies through our communities on a priority basis. Over the past few weeks alone, I am pleased to report, we have secured several new orders for supplies and equipment to meet our immediate needs, and these supplies are starting to arrive. As more vendors continue to be identified, we are confident will we be able to meet our ongoing needs for replenishment. These procurement efforts will remain our focus.

As you have observed in your community, we have now instituted the wearing of masks for all employees. The communities are also hard at work to assist you with meal delivery, and the delivery of additional personal supplies and the medications you need.

We are in for a long, difficult period, but are hopeful that the tide will turn in a good direction, in the coming months. We need all of you! And it is critical that you all take care of yourself and practice all of the prevention guidelines you are hearing. I also ask you to be mindful of your fellow residents and employees in your community – if you don’t feel well, let us know as soon as possible.

Please continue to submit your questions by emailing We will either get back to you, or if your question sounds like something everyone would want to hear about, we will try and answer it on my next weekly update message.

Again, thank you for everything you are doing and please keep helping us as you have. As many have said, this is an extremely trying time, but we will get through it together.  We greatly appreciate the confidence and support you continue to place in us.

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