Transcript of Jeff Petty COVID-19 Weekly Audio Message: April 2, 2020


Hello, this is Jeff Petty on Thursday afternoon April 2nd. I know we are all being overloaded with information as the COVID-19 crisis is unfolding, but I thought it would be important for you all to hear directly from me on a regular basis, so this is the first of a new series of communications that you can listen to if you dial 267-350-2300 or you can access a written version on our website. Updates should be available by Thursday afternoon every week.

First, I want to thank all of you for responding so positively and nearly universally to our requests that you all isolate in your apartments and rooms. Please know the staff at WEL is hard at work developing ideas for “creative socialization” to keep you connected to family, friends and neighbors.

 It is so important that we take all the measures we can to protect all of you and all WEL employees. I cannot imagine how difficult and stressful the crisis is for you, and I am so grateful for all of your support and the tremendous efforts our employees are making to keep you safe and healthy.  The gratitude you and your family members have expressed towards our front line employees during this time has gone a long way – you have no idea how much that has helped them cope with this crisis – I encourage you to continue with your words of appreciation when you can.

The primary purpose of these messages is to keep you informed – what I know, you will know. So, let me summarize…

As of right now, we have had one confirmed case of COVID-19 of a resident who developed symptoms a week ago in the nursing facility at Stapeley. Curiously, the symptoms disappeared the next day, and no one else has tested positive.

We have had 1 employee test positive for the virus at Pennypack Park, two others have had symptoms, been tested and are waiting for results. All are home quarantined. We have had several other employees whose family members have contracted it, and they have stayed out of the workplace per our guidelines.

So we have largely avoided the repercussion of the pandemic so far, but I do not believe that we can count on that continuing. We need to continue to be as vigilant as possible for at least 2-3 months.

We have had all of the problems in acquiring personal protective equipment for employees that you have heard about in the media, and I anticipate that will get worse before it gets better. We have organized our efforts in approaching our existing vendors, new vendors and various local, state and national authorities who are beginning to control these supplies.

We are spending a lot of time thinking through how best to act given the crisis and the supply shortages and trying to plan for what is coming. It is immensely complicated by expert guidance that is anything but clear and changing even by the hour.

We are in for a long, difficult period. We need all of you! And it is critical that you all take care of yourself and practice all of the prevention guidelines you are hearing. I also ask you to be mindful of everyone else – if you don’t feel well, let us know as soon as possible.

If you have questions, please email We will either get back to you, or if your question sounds like something everyone would want to hear about, we may answer it either through this next communication or on our website.

Again, thank you for everything you are doing and please keep helping us as you have. As many have said, this is an extremely difficult period, but we will get through it together.  We greatly appreciate the confidence and support you place in us at this time.

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