Town Hall Meeting


WELCOME,  to our first ever virtual town hall.  Settle in

5 questions submitted by members of the community.

  • Is it possible to have weekly updates on ‘state of affairs’ of the Doylestown WEL community?

We have had updates provided for the last 5 weeks, the most recent appearing yesterday.   These go to Residents – clipped to your door;  to Employees, via email;  and family members (POA) through a master email list.  If you have not received please speak with someone from the program team or reception staff.

Also,  remember that CEO Jeff Petty provides a corporate, audio update, available every Thursday at noon or later, by dialing 267-350-2300.

Furthermore, you and family members can log on to our website:  Click the LOGON button under Doylestown photo and use password, DTWesley.

[we will provide these credentials and a copy of these questions and answers, early this week]

  • How is it that the virus could infect someone in the building when we’ve remained inside?    Related:  Has there been any ‘contact tracing?’

We have, in some informal ways, thought through possible vectors for how the virus could have been introduced to the resident population.  But, we’ve discovered nothing conclusive to answer that question.  I would be easy, if we could identify one person or one condition, that could be eliminated thereby solving the problem.  But as we are being told, there are too many unknowns about the virus and its properties of contagion.  So we can do, what we are doing:  isolating as much as possible,  using protective equipment.  looking for symptoms among everyone who enters the building, testing when we can.

  • Could the van take residents to Post Office, bank or small businesses in Doylestown for drive thru service?   Related:  Since we can’t leave to go to bank, can we give a deposit to drivers to cash or deposit?

We are confining transportation provided to persons who have medically urgent trips to doctor. So, all else involves a risk of exposure that causes us to look for all other options.  For example, bank by mail for deposits, and securing stamps from front desk.  Also, it is awkward for staff persons to handle cash belonging to residents.  We don’t do this by policy.  But what we can do is carry a deposit, prepared by you, to the bank, bringing back to you a receipt. 

  • If we need or want to speak with a wellness nurse, how can we when we are not to visit the 9th floor?

First and foremost is to use “telemedicine,’ that is, phone the wellness office and explain what is needed.  The nurse can advise and give appropriate recommendations.  If you have an emergency, as always, use the pull -cord in your apartment or your pendant.

  • Can we use Library in limited way?  For example, place an order for book delivery?   

Because books are handled physically, there is particular risk for transmitting viral particles.  We are looking at the library in the context of the 9th floor and its eventual opening.  We tentatively envision a time when, after 2 weeks of no new cases of the virus, a partial use of the 9th floor walking loop.  Library visitation would have a similar plan, with extensive hand washing/sanitizing with limited occupancy.  I will keep you informed of our progress on this plan.

Furthermore. We continue to develop our opening plan, regarding how and when we will allow visitation and how we might relax our stay at home rules.  Part of this is a specific plan about the Bocce court, which we think we can implement early in June. 

REMINDER:  Jon Simon, in a separate video clip, has photos and some explanation of the renovation project progress.  It is beginning to look like architect’s renditions and we have a feel for how this will be.  This is very exciting.  Remember that the projected date for completion of phase 1 and opening of the main entrance is June 1st.

Retirement Delay:   Exactly 2 month ago, at this meeting, I announced my retirement.  At this juncture, I report that we have agreed to delay that retirement, in the interest of seeing the community through 2 things: the impact of the pandemic as it has affected all of us, and also the renovation project. Both of these are priorities that I’m pleased to be able to continue working on – so that we truly say that we’re all in this together.

Thanks to Staff:   We can never overemphasize the importance of employees and team workers OR over-thank them for their tireless services.  This has been a challenge like no other and we could NOT have gotten anywhere without them.  I, along with you, owe them a debt of gratitude.   Indicative of this is a comment I heard in the last day or so from a family member: 

“When at Doylestown to drop something off for my mother, I saw two staff members – I’m not sure of their names – were walking into work. Under these extremely tough conditions they were waving to my mother in a happy, upbeat manner. They are to be applauded! I thought you’d like to know”

Thank you all.   And have the Best day.

Next meeting:  13 June 2020

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