To the Wesley Enhanced Living Community

Because it’s our desire to be as transparent as possible and able to share detail, we will provide occasional written information in addition to the video updates that have happened weekly.  The extraordinary times in which we live are both challenging as well as different.  So, we are finding it necessary to reiterate some arrangements to make sure all are clear.

First, reporting on our isolation status we can tell you that we do have a total of thirteen positive cases of Covid-19.  Eight of those persons are hospitalized and five are in house, all residents of the skilled nursing center.  We also believe it highly likely that there was an early undiagnosed case in the nursing center where the individual recovered.  There are no positive cases identified among the apartment population. 

A reminder for residents and employees:  in order to maintain controlled access to the building, the only way into the building is through the “old bistro” East entrance.  We have locked the skilled nursing entrance so no unassisted entry can happen there.  This helps to cordon off the skilled center, given that it is following quarantine procedures.  In addition, the west elevator from the nursing vestibule to the 3rd floor has been shut down.  

Package arrivals are received only at the old bistro East entrance [not the nursing center entrance as before].  These in turn are being delivered to your apartment. We prefer that residents not come down to retrieve.  This includes packages that might be delivered to you by family members.  Daily deliveries are handled by program staff, security persons and others.

A word about housekeeping:  Environmental Services recognizes the challenge of apartments not being cleaned according to usual schedules, delayed now for some time.  So, there is a stopgap plan in place that will have several housekeepers doing a sweep of apartments beginning this coming Monday on floor 8 moving to the floors below subsequently.  You’ll be contacted with more specifics.

Mainly, we continue to be pleased and proud, equally with employees and residents, for enduring an extremely difficult time, with poise and grace.  A crisis, this one in particular, has a way of bringing out the best in many and showing the power of resilience. Thanks for yours.

Our best to you all.

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