To the Wesley Enhanced Living Community: 5-12-2020

Some Numbers

In the apartment section, as of this morning with the report of two positive cases (that were pending) we have nine positive cases and two pending.  Five are in hospital and two are in the nursing center.  Those in resident areas are confined to isolate in their apartments.  And in fact, all residents are to remain in apartments, as much as humanly possible.

In Skilled Nursing, there have been no new cases reported for several weeks and we have remaining, eleven positive cases not counting two who have recovered and two in hospital

In the last week, the five employees tested were negative, which we believe to be a tribute to effective use of personal protective equipment.   In all, eight direct care workers who had tested positive are recovering at home.     

The Concern

A number of persons have asked if we’re conducting ‘contact tracing’ in order to determine the source of the virus, particularly now in the apartment section.  We are doing this on an informal, observational basis and the primary conclusion reached is that the common thread among all the positive apartment cases is that these individuals frequently move through the building, visiting with others and spend excessive time outside their apartment.   We were also troubled to learn that in recent days, there were reports of some residents retreating to the outside to meet family members to sit and chat, even exchanging hugs.  Finally, we’ve also learned that there are some residents who have visited others in apartments.  Though it pains us to advocate for isolation which does not enhance living in ways we prefer, it IS and REMAINS the best way to stay safe and healthy

To Family Members

Our challenge to family members is to refrain from visiting campus even though, in this most difficult of times, it’s against the very grain of what it is to be family. We are troubled that some family members choose to disregard the standards thereby putting not only their parents at risk, but also the entire community.   Therefore, we implore all to honor these guidelines, difficult though they may be.   We believe that these measures ultimately are temporary.  To hold steady at this moment, is to provide the best chance for limiting the spread of the virus which can be deadly.  Though we do not as yet (but will, most assuredly) have mandatory guidelines from State and Federal agencies for opening our community, we have begun to think in terms 2-3 weeks of no new cases to begin gradual relaxation of standards.   Doing all we and you can do to avoid new cases is compelling.  This is the time.

We also at this writing ask family members to limit any deliveries of gifts to necessary and high priority goods.  We deliver ALL items to residents and things like fresh takeout meals and hot coffee are an unnecessary challenge for delivery staff.   Furthermore, dropping off any necessary packages need to be just that and not a visitation time with residents.

Resident Screening

For residents who need to walk a dog or take a solitary walk on campus, we are formalizing temperature screening for any resident leaving AND reentering.  Be reminded that leaving and reentering the building is to be through the old bistro doors – our current main entrance.   Further, masks are to be worn, hands sanitized after touching any door handle or elevator button.   Also, if and when we have outdoor performances residents will not be permitted to sit outside

Air Conditioning

In answer to some questions about our air management systems:  There is no shared air flow between apartments so that there is no chance of viral spread through building environmental conditions.  This is in no way affected by our switch to air conditioning which is to happen tomorrow.

Our very best.  And thank you.

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