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Turning the Calendar on a New Decade – The History of Our Current Calendar

Fun Facts from Your Friends at Wesley Enhanced Living

The start of a new year is exciting. It is like have a clean slate to begin new habits, build new relationships, and have new adventures. Often we may sit back and reminisce about years gone by. The people we knew. The lessons learned. Often, they are fun memories like when a beloved elderly aunt tried on roller skates for the first time. Or that fall when grandpa took the whole family for a wagon ride around his farm.  Sometimes we wish we could turn back the calendar to relive those fun times. 

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How to Identify and Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder in Seniors

Tips to Battle the Winter Blues

The turning of the seasons is a sight to behold. The first glimpses of spring are yellow daffodils and purple crocuses popping up from the freshly thawed ground. Then things start to take off as trees fill out their green foliage during summer days. We all seem to thrive during the warmer months. Most of us feel cheerful throughout the fall and the holidays, even as plants lose their color. For some seniors, the letdown from all the festivities has a different effect that is something more than just the winter blues. It might be a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

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Supercharge Your Holidays with Superfoods

A Handy Guide and Recipe from Your Friends at Wesley Enhanced Living

The holidays are full of fun, family, and food. Many favorite dishes are cooked and enjoyed during this season. Often the recipes we love to eat may not be as healthy as they could be because they are laden with carbs, fat, and salt. While many of these yummy meals may tantalize your palate, you can lighten things up with food that is colorful and better for your health.

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Visiting a Senior over the Holiday Season?

Your Friends at Wesley Enhanced Living Offer Simple Tips for Communicating

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is here. Now is the time of year when many families gather to celebrate with fun, food, and gifts. Part of the festivities include spending time with your elderly loved ones. 

As parents and grandparents age, the dynamics of your relationship may change, and communicating with them may feel different. There was a time when you could snuggle up to grandma and she’d know if you wanted a treat, a story, or just a hug. Today, you may wonder why she is so bright and cheerful one day and a bit grumpy the next! You both may struggle sharing your thoughts with each other, but the good news is that it does not have to be like this.

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How to Identify the Difference between Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Helpful Tips from Your Friends at Wesley Enhanced Living

Often, words that refer to similar events or topics are used interchangeably. For example, people across the country refer to carbonated beverages as soda or cola or pop. This can happen in the world of medicine too. People tend to use ‘Alzheimer’s’ in place of ‘dementia’ and vice versa. They are correct only half of the time. With November being National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, now is the opportunity to learn more.

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