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Boost Your Immunity – Keep Up on Your Vaccinations

Helpful Advice from the Team at Wesley Enhanced Living

As children, most of us went through a regimen of shots to protect us from various childhood diseases. As you grow into adulthood, your body can ward off many illnesses because of these vaccines. Upon reaching the age of 50, you may notice that you do not recover as quickly as in your younger years. The senior population, like children, become very susceptible to complications from preventable diseases. Protect yourself from unnecessary suffering by staying up to date with your vaccines, including getting an annual flu shot.

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How to Choose a Mover When You Are Downsizing 

Spring is a favorite time to move, whether into a new home or a continuing care retirement community. When you move into one of the beautiful communities at Wesley Enhanced Living, you will soon find life more fulfilling than you could have imagined. Soon you will make new memories to add to your old ones. We support our seniors in making the transition from living alone and into a vibrant group of fellow retirees.  

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Seniors Beware! Learn How to Avoid Identity Theft

Tips from the Team at Wesley Enhanced Living

With the senior population growing, thieves and scammers are finding a field of unsuspecting victims ripe for the picking. You don’t have to lose your life’s savings because thugs want to steal from you. Nor do you have to face the embarrassment of being taken advantage of when you take steps to protect your identity. 

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Benefits of a Vegan Diet as a Senior — Bonus Recipe from the Team at Wesley Enhanced Living

Now that you’ve reached your golden years, you have the perfect opportunity to explore many new lifestyle options, including switching to a vegan diet. Perhaps your doctor has told you to back off from the sweets and add more vegetables to your meals, or that you need to lose weight or lower your cholesterol or blood sugar levels. Instead of looking at these changes as restraints, consider them valuable opportunities to lead a longer, happier and healthier life. 

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Spring Cleaning Suggestions for Seniors

Spring is a time of renewal as trees bud and the crocus plants break through the thawing ground to beckon in warm weather. As Mother Nature is throwing off the shackles of winter, many of us are ready to refresh our homes in anticipation of warmer temperatures through spring cleaning. For seniors, there may be memories of opening up all the windows, dusting, sweeping, and deep cleaning. There may be no other ritual as powerful for rejuvenation than having a good clear out.

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