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Help Your Senior Enjoy Delicious Summer Meals – Easy Recipes from the team at Wesley Enhanced Living

Aging brings many changes to a person’s body, one being dulled taste buds. Foods that used to taste good earlier slowly lose their appeal. Spring and summer are the perfect time to try new recipes and liven up the palate. Head out to the farmer’s market next week and help your senior get the additional nutrients they need with seasonal ingredients for fresher taste. Proteins, Carbs and Veggies – This Recipe Packs A Powerful Punch Our dietitians are always looking for ways to make mealtime interesting and exciting for our residents. Here is a recipe for a dish you can...

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Protect Your Seniors in the Summer Heat 

Tips from Your Friends at Wesley Enhanced Living The summer heat is nothing to sneeze at, and is hard on everyone. It can quickly turn a healthy parent into a patient!  Seniors are even more susceptible to illnesses caused by excessive heat and humidity. For example, if their body temperature rises too rapidly, they may suffer from heat stroke, which can be life-threatening. On the other side of the spectrum is heat exhaustion where the body feels cool with goosebumps occurring on the skin even in the intense heat. If your mom or dad fails to take in enough fluids,...

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Spring and Summer Activities for Seniors

Tips to Enjoy Warmer Weather from the Team at Wesley Enhanced Living A long, hard winter can be summed up in two words – cabin fever! Cold temperatures, biting winds, and chilling snow make it difficult for seniors to get outside. Many people wind up tired, bored, and possibly depressed. Spring is a perfect time to shake off the winter blues, open up the windows, and embrace Mother Nature’s renewing spirit.   Just because you or your elderly loved one are not as mobile as in the years-gone-by, does not mean that life must become dull. There are many activities...

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Health Tips to Spring into Wellness– Stay Fit Post-Retirement Too! 

With the long, cold days of winter behind, take advantage of spring by caring for your health. The frigid temperatures and biting winds make it unbearable for many of us to get out and enjoy social gatherings. Of course, it is nice to enjoy the warm, stout stews and heavy meals we associate with the cold, but it also means we tend to sit more and move less. Now that the warmer temperatures have arrived, it is time to revamp your exercise and eating habits.  Now is the perfect time to rediscover nature, take a yoga class, or spend time...

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Spring Home Décor Ideas to Get Rid of the Winter Blues

Helpful Tips from the Team at Wesley Enhanced Living Spring is a beautiful time of year. Many of us love the winter holiday season, but once the last of the decorations are put back in storage, the long, gray, cold days of winter ensue. With each day ticking away, it can feel like warmer temperatures and sunlight will never return. (more…)

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