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Oral Health and How It Affects You 

Suggestions from Your Friends at Wesley Enhanced Living Good oral hygiene does more than protect your teeth so you can keep eating the foods you love as you age. It also helps keep you healthy.  If you want to not only be able to eat that crisp apple but also to walk the hiking trail, then managing your teeth and gums may aid in both. Studies have found there may be ties between poor oral health and health problems. If you or your loved one needs help with grooming and personal care, Wesley Enhanced Living personal care services can help...

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How to Go Paperless

Tips from the team at Wesley Enhanced Living You have embraced a lot of new things over the years; personal computers, cable television, the internet, even smartphones. And yet, you still probably have tons of paper coming into your home. From catalogs to bills, if you are not careful, the piles of paper can quickly take over your home creating a stressful and cluttered environment. It could even become a safety hazard if a pile of mail falls to the floor and you slip on it, or hurt yourself bending down to pick it up. Why not choose a different...

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Summer Lovin’ – Travel Tips for Seniors

Novel Ideas from the Wesley Enhanced Living Team Summer is the time for fun in the sun and exploring new destinations. As a senior, you have plenty of time to enjoy exciting adventures either solo or with family. Having the time to head out on a cruise or trip does not always mean you have the same stamina as you did in your younger years. With a little planning, you can still head off on your next excursion with confidence.  The golden years are not a time you need to stop enjoying life. Quite the contrary. You have lived a...

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Ready to Boost Your Brain Power? Listen to Podcasts!

Suggestions from the Senior Care Team at Wesley Enhanced Living Many Baby Boomers may recall sitting around the radio with their families, listening to the radio. You might still have your favorite tunes swimming in your head from your teen years. For decades, the radio has served as a conduit for news, sports, songs, and stories. How many times did you tap your fingers on the wheel and sing along with the Beatles, James Taylor, or The Doors? Similarly, today’s audience listens to podcasts. If you are not familiar with the term, these are pre-recorded radio shows that can be...

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Help Your Senior Enjoy Delicious Summer Meals – Easy Recipes from the team at Wesley Enhanced Living

Aging brings many changes to a person’s body, one being dulled taste buds. Foods that used to taste good earlier slowly lose their appeal. Spring and summer are the perfect time to try new recipes and liven up the palate. Head out to the farmer’s market next week and help your senior get the additional nutrients they need with seasonal ingredients for fresher taste. Proteins, Carbs and Veggies – This Recipe Packs A Powerful Punch Our dietitians are always looking for ways to make mealtime interesting and exciting for our residents. Here is a recipe for a dish you can...

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