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How to Talk to Your Elderly Parent about Moving to a CCRC

Many seniors want to stay in their home for as long as possible. For some, aging in place is a feasible choice if they are socially engaged, active, and enjoy good health. For some others, things may be a little different. While they might still be able to live alone, their overall health and wellness might limit their activities and social interaction. If your parent is a senior with increasingly limited physical and social abilities, or you feel anxious about them being on their own, it may be time to consider a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). But, how will you have that conversation? It can be a tough one, and you want to handle it with care and sensitivity. 

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Beware! Tax Filing Time is Also Scamming Time

Through the months of February and March, and approaching April 15, all Americans need to gather up their relevant documents and prepare to file their tax return for the previous calendar year. During this time of year especially, it’s important to be aware that scammers and con artists are looking for opportunities to steal from innocent taxpayers, and seniors are often an easy target for them to prey on.

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Protecting Your Senses – Tips for Seniors

Retirement is a time when you expect to be enjoying your golden years and looking forward to appreciating time without obligation or commitment. Golf can be played on a weekday instead of waiting for a Saturday, you can stay up late for a show or enjoy a night out, or wake up early for breakfast with the grandkids. Unfortunately, sometimes with age comes failing senses like loss of vision and hearing or impaired taste which might make the experiences you’ve been looking forward to a little less pleasurable. 

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Ways to Practice Better Sleep Habits

Did you know the average individual will spend almost one-third of their life sleeping? Many of us, young and old, however, battle with sleep from time to time. As you age, a restful sleep can often become more challenging to achieve. Yet, a good night's rest is highly beneficial to your health. Have you considered all that you can gain from changing your bedtime routine and practicing better sleep habits? Why suffer from insomnia and allow other health issues to manifest? Instead, you can help your body rejuvenate and recuperate by getting a restful sleep each night.

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