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Benefits of Living in a Community versus Staying at Home

Aging at home is common. You can stay in the house that you raised your family in. The house where you know each nook and cranny. Then again, there is also that aging roof that needs replacing. There are never-ending mowing and landscaping tasks that need to be completed year-in-and-year-out. Have you noticed that your penchant for gardening is lessening each year as your bones ache when you kneel? What about finding the money in your retirement income for an expensive maintenance item? 

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Fun Fall Activities for Seniors

Many of us love the change of seasons. We sludge through the heat of summer and enjoy the welcome reprieve of cooler fall weather. Inevitably, we all start thinking about warm soups, family, friends, and cozy evenings. The great thing about this time of year is that there are so many activities that you can enjoy doing during these crisp days as we head into the winter holidays.

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To Drive or Not to Drive

Considerations for Senior Drivers

Dreaming of getting your first car and setting out on the open road is a frequent goal of many teenagers. You remember your first car, don't you? Take a trip down memory lane, and soon you will think about taking your friends out for burgers and milkshakes after the movies. You might also picture driving home from the hospital with your newborn and being nervous about becoming a parent. Driving means freedom to many of us. Deciding to put the keys down permanently may be one of the most challenging choices you will have to make as a senior.

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How to Reduce Your Risk of Falling – Tips for Seniors

Growing older has its ups and downs. When you are feeling good, you may think you can conquer the world, just like in your younger years. You may even take risks that you shouldn’t be taking anymore. It’s true, you can stay young at heart and mind, but it’s important to recognize the body’s limitations as you age. Whether it’s during a celebration or a routine task like taking a shower, you must take care not to slip and fall. Not only will you preserve your independence by doing so, but you will also avoid the extra stress on your family and caregivers. 

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