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How to Use Personal Assistants to Make Your Life Easier 

Ask the Team at Wesley Enhanced Living While using technology may seem more natural to younger generations, many seniors are taking advantage of personal assistants in the forms of Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, or Apple’s HomePod. The ease of use allows these to be used more frequently; after all, it’s better than sitting down at a computer or squinting into the screen of a smartphone! When your hands refuse to hold the remote, an assistant can turn on the television to your favorite show. The team at Wesley Enhanced Living retirement communities encourages residents to grasp technology and use it...

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Overcoming Your Parent’s Objections to Moving into a Retirement Community

Tips from the Team at Wesley Enhanced Living Very few of us like to admit we are aging, especially if we are young at heart. For many, the idea of growing old is hard to accept, until illness or injury occurs. Then, almost overnight, they find themselves tiring out quicker than before when they play with their grandkids. Father Time has a way of reminding us that we age every day. Sometimes when we see our parents moving slower or needing additional help, we wonder if they should consider moving to a retirement community.  Broaching the subject often leads to...

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Senior Discounts! Who Doesn’t Love a Bargain?

Suggestions for Senior Discounts from Your Friends at Wesley Enhanced Living You spent years working hard for your money so you could retire in peace and comfort. Retirement has its benefits. You can sleep in, go where you want when you want, and no longer answer to a boss. At the same time, you are dependent on savings, investments, and social security. That means your income is limited and often fixed. It does not mean, however, that you cannot still go out and have a good time, buy new clothes, or take trips. At Wesley Enhanced Living retirement communities, we...

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Incorporating Plant and Vegan Proteins into Your Diet

A Delicious Recipe from Your Friends at Wesley Enhanced Living! Think back to those days when you had little ones sitting around the dinner table. Most often amid the casual chatter was an occasional admonition toward your offspring to “eat your vegetables.” Today, there are so many diet gurus claiming they have the market on what people should eat. There is also research being continually done to see what Americans need to eat to be healthy. Hint: it is not a lot of processed foods. Much research supports what you knew all those years ago – eat your vegetables. However,...

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What to Do with the Things that Your Kids Don’t Want

Suggestions from the Team at Wesley Enhanced Living You have lived a full life – having a career, raising a family, and seeing your grandchildren grow. Over that lifetime, it is not uncommon to collect memorabilia, antiques, or heirlooms. We think that our children and grandchildren would love to have a set of china handed down from your great-great-grandmother, but that is not necessarily the case nowadays. More times than not, your kids have enough stuff of their own that they need to downsize, which means you have to find something to do with your porcelain doll collection. You do...

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