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Taking Care of Yourself as a Caregiver

Caregiving is often an exhausting, draining job. Many caregivers find themselves pulled between their spouse or partner, their kids, their parents, and their grandchildren. Often, their own health and happiness are put on the backburner while they take care of everyone else. When a caregiver forsakes their health for the sake of their role in providing support for an aging parent, the results can be devastating. Side effects include burnout, fatigue, depression, self-neglect, and even family conflict.

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Why Skilled Nursing Care for Mom? She Is Not Sick!

Understanding the type of care your loved one can receive at an continuing care retirement community helps you make the best decisions for the welfare of your family member. Just because mom is not sick, does not mean she may not benefit from skilled nursing care. If she has escalating health issues requiring a high-level of medical care, then being in a facility that offers skilled nursing can help. If dad is recovering from surgery and you are not able to care for him 24/7, a retirement home with trained nurses may be the answer. At Wesley Enhanced Living, you or your loved one will receive the highest level of medical care available without being in a hospital. Our nursing staff is available 24 hours a day to monitor your progress.

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Independent Living Should Actually Be Called “Interdependent Living”

One of America’s core values is that of being independent. We pride ourselves on our ability to drive anywhere we like, build a business, and define our own destinies. This is more noticeable as we grow older. As you age, your desire to remain independent wanes with your health and mobility changes. It is not long before you realize that you are dependent on others – to take you to the store or to doctor appointments or just for companionship. Instead of being independent like the Lone Ranger, you discover you are interdependent on others. You can enjoy interdependent living when you move to a maintenance-free senior living community at Wesley Enhanced Living. We have the activities and support you need to enjoy your retirement.

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