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Technology for Seniors—Simple Apps and Devices to Improve Quality of Life

Aging actively, gracefully, and independently is a common goal for seniors today. Technology can provide the most support to help older adults achieve this goal. Life enhancing technology for seniors includes simple, easy-to-use apps on smart phones, wearables, voice and motion-activated sensors, robotics, voice and video communication, and even virtual reality simulation devices. The active aging industry is continuously innovating and introducing new ways for seniors to stay safe, active, and connected. In fact, a CNBC news report says that the active-aging industry in the U.S. — which includes safety and smart-living technologies, health and remote care, and wellness and fitness technologies — is expected to triple in the next three years, to nearly $30 billion.

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Virtual Reality – A New Way for Seniors to Travel

Each year, many people rely on vacations to decompress and relax from their everyday life. However, as we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to travel due to chronic pain, and health or mobility issues. The good news is you can still have exciting experiences and visit new places from the comfort of your home! Thanks to innovative technology, elderly adults can still travel the world – virtually and at any time. 

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New Ways for Seniors to Watch Movies – Streaming Becomes Mainstream

Times have changed but our appetite for movies hasn’t. Decades ago, we would take some change and head to the local cinema to catch the latest movie in town. As retirees, we have more time to enjoy entertaining films, documentaries, and concerts, and the best part is not having to go anywhere! You can save money and enjoy your favorite shows and movies by utilizing streaming services. 

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How to Cope with the Loss of Your Spouse

Loss comes in many forms, but the death of a spouse after years of marriage may be the hardest to handle. For a long time, you were used to being 'we,' and now, you are just 'me.' 

Eventually you will rediscover that life is a glorious gift, and you can continue to enjoy it even when you find yourself alone and missing your companion of many years.  

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