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How I Will I Fit All My Stuff In the Retirement Home?

Moving house is an emotional and stressful experience for most people, even if the new home is just down the street. Seniors who are moving to an independent living community might find the transition more challenging. They are not only leaving their home, but in most cases, can only take some of their belongings with them. As a result, the sorting, cleaning and packing can become a long and tiring task. If you or an elderly loved one are getting ready to move to a retirement residence, read our downsizing tips below. It will make it easier to sort out...

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My Parents Reject the Idea of A Senior Living Community, What Should I Do?

It isn’t always easy to see the benefits of a major lifestyle change, especially if someone else is proposing the idea. If your parents are not convinced that the move to a senior living community could make their lives easier, more fulfilling and secure, you may need to show them otherwise. Not sure how you can get them to understand how this move will improve their lifestyle? Call the friendly staff at Wesley Enhanced Living for guidance and read these helpful tips that may persuade your parents to open their minds to the idea of an senior living community. 3...

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I’m Worried About Leaving Mom Alone After Surgery

A major surgery is tough on everyone—the patient and their loved ones. These operations can be especially difficult on aging individuals who do not have the strength to take care of themselves after undergoing a major procedure. Family members may feel anxious and stressed about leaving their parent or loved one alone after undergoing surgery. We understand that busy family schedules don’t always leave time for multiple rehabilitation appointments, therapy programs and daily caregiving. That is why Wesley Enhanced Living offers flexible rehabilitation and skilled nursing options for patients recovering from surgery. If your parent has scheduled their procedure but in-home care...

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Mental Stimulation and Its Health Benefits for Seniors

As aches and pains take over the body and demands of work and personal responsibilities slow down, it can be easy for aging individuals to fall into a routine of isolation and immobility. The regular TV programming is easy to rely on for entertainment, but can often lead to health problems and loneliness. If you worry about the amount of mental stimulation you or your loved one is receiving when living independently, consider making the move to a retirement home. A group of peers, helpful staff, and regularly scheduled activities beyond channel-surfing or reading will ensure your loved one continues...

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Independent Living Actually Allows Independence for Seniors

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the independence and control a senior will experience over their own life a senior living community. If you or a loved one has concerns about how they will be able to maintain their current lifestyle when making the move to a senior living community, these fears are likely based on myths. While change can be challenging, you will still be able to live an active, full and healthy lifestyle. You will also continue to enjoy the activities and independence you currently have; in fact, you will probably have a lot more fun with...

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