Power Outage Update: 06-28-2020

Good afternoon Upper Moreland Residents and Families,

Last night we experienced a Brown Out for a few hours on campus.  This means that we only had partial power on the campus.  Bob Snyder and I worked with PECO to expedite the fix. Bob and his team was on site to ensure residents who have medical equipment had the power they needed. PECO determined it was a fuse on an outside pole and power was restored at approximately 12:30am.

This morning it came to our attention that there was an Air Conditioning problem on campus.  Bob and his team came on site again.  It has been determined that no resident apartments have air conditioning.

It is likely that this issue was caused by the Power Issue last night and we will not have a quick fix.  Bob’s team remains on site working to resolve the issue with outside vendors.

Residents are encouraged to use fans, drink water frequently and come to the lobby to enjoy the cool air as that space still has Air Conditioning.

Again, it is unlikely that the Air Conditioning will be restored today and we will continue working until it is fixed.  As soon as I have an update, I will share it with you.

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