Policy and Procedures: Visitation for Personal Care


The purpose of this policy is to ensure the highest level of protection for our residents during COVID-19 Pandemic.  Our elderly population are at the highest risk for severe illness from COVID-19.


The facility will allow visitation following the guidelines from CDC, Department of Human Services, Pennsylvania Department of Health and County Health Department in order to maintain the safety of the residents and staff that work in the facility during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


1. The facility will closely monitor and adjust this policy per CDC, DOHS and Pennsylvania Department of Health along with County Health Department.

2.  This policy may also be adjusted if there is an increase in positive COVID-19 Cases within this community/facility or directed by Governor

3. The Executive Director and Administrator will consult with the Medical Director Medical staff and local hospitals if there is a change in the community or facility with regard to COVID-19.

4. Window and Facetime visits can continue.

5. Families that wish to have an in-person visit with their family member will be by appointment only.  Family members will be asked screening questions at the time appointments are made.

6. All scheduled appointments will be outside in a designated area for PC visits.

7. All visitors/residents are required to wear a mask during the entire visit.

8. Visitors under the age of 15 will not be permitted.

9. Residents may only have two visitors at one time.

10. Visits will be limited to 30 minutes and will take place outside of PC in designated area.

11. Residents and families will be asked to limit visits to twice per week in order to allow all residents the opportunity to have a visit with their family.

12. Visitors will not be permitted on the Personal Care Unit, except in the case of compassionate visitation in end of life situations.

13. In the event of inclement weather the visit will be cancelled.  Inclement weather will include snow, rain and temperatures that rise above 90 degrees or fall below 50 degrees.

14. Upon arrival to the community visitors will enter through the main entrance.

15. Upon entering the main entrance the visitor must wash hands at hand washing station.  All visitors will be screened by having their temperature taken, all visitors must sign in and answer all required questions.

16. Visitors will not be permitted for the following reasons:

       a. Temperature above 99

       b. Travel to an area that is of high risk within the last 21 days i.e. a country or a state that is experiencing a high volume of community spread.

       c.  Showing symptoms of COVID-19 i.e. shortness of breath, cough, sore throat, GI symptoms, lack of smell or taste, general malaise etc.

17. Once the screening process is completed the visitors will be advise of the designated area.

18. Once visitors are located in designated area they can call the unit to advise staff to bring resident outside for their visit.

19. To maintain social distancing we are only permitted to have one family at a time.  Please keep others in mind.

20. During visit the resident and visitors must remain 6 feet apart in order to maintain social distancing.

21. During the visit if assistant is needed for our residents, visitors must call the unit and make staff aware.  Staff will also ensure that all safety measures are being followed. 

22.  After the visit (scheduled visiting time) staff will come outside to escort our resident back inside. 

23. Due to scheduling, if visitors are late for their scheduled visiting time, their time may not be extended to meet the 30 minutes of visitation.

24. The chairs used during the visit will be sanitized by staff before the next visitation.          

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