Next Steps Update for all WEL Main Line Residents-7/16/2020

We are 3 days into our dining program and I thank you all for your patience and observance of the guidelines we have put in place for the safety of not only yourself but also your neighbors and our staff.  As a reminder, please continue wearing your mask until you are seated at your tables and ready to order.  If you have to leave the table for a bathroom stop, please place your mask on and when you are leaving for the night, also remember to place your mask back in your face!

Another reminder from someone who took anatomy way back when…your nose is part of your face and does need a mask in front of it for it to be effective!  Please ensure your mask is covering both of your breathing holes(nose and mouth!), and if you are a dolphin, we will figure out how to cover your third breathing hole!

Reminder number 3, we are ONLY seating groups of 2 and 4 and we ONLY have a very small number of tables of 4 available.  The limited seating and limited time for meal completion do require us to sometimes break up groups so we can get you all taken care of effectively.  Remember, this is all very new and we are learning as we move forward the best way to handle this venture.  I’m confident that the new menu is proving to be worth the effort!

You may see changes in our programs depending on the community spread of this virus and government directives.  They have recently changed some directives for indoor dining, but we are still in good shape for the time being with our program.   

Starting this weekend, we will be inviting visitors into your IL apartments.  This does not include visitors for Pines or Meadows yet, but there will be information sent out next week related to the next steps in those units.  Reminders for this move to apartment visits include visitor screening at the front desk, continuing to wear masks in hallways and strong suggestion to wear them while visiting in rooms, try to continue to keep distance as much as possible in rooms, and think about limiting time of visits.  It’s important to exercise personal responsibility at this time for both yourself and your visitors.  If your visitor has recently spent time in an area that has shown a large increase in cases, I would strongly suggest they observe the state mandated quarantine before visiting.  We will be asking that question on our screening forms at the front desk.  I have said this before, I am not here to manage adult behavior.  But we will do what we can to keep the community at large as safe as possible.  Our requests, guidelines, suggestions, and reminders are all means to that end.  We continue to have a good run here and I want to be able to continue moving forward, but that depends quite a bit on all of us as community members, family and staff.  We can’t control what goes on outside of our walls, but we can manage our small corner of the world the best we can and try and maintain some level of normalcy.  I thank you all for your partnership as we move forward and try to enjoy the second half of our summer more than we did the first half!

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