Next Steps Update for all WEL Main Line Residents-6/17/2020

We are a few short days away from substantial completion with our construction project.  What that means is that the big stuff (electrical, plumbing, flooring, painting, etc) will be done and we will then enter the ‘punchlist’ phase.  During this phase, they will wander the halls and community rooms looking for things that aren’t quite right and they will fix them.  In general, this will mean very few construction staff will be onsite after next Monday.  I will be happy to see them moving on to their next project, but will be sorry to see staff that I have gotten to know well leave our community.

As a byproduct of all the work being done, we are now preparing for the next steps in our community routine.  This will include communal dining and communal meetings in the auditorium.  The first step will be starting next week.  I will be holding town hall meetings in the auditorium starting Wednesday the 24th and we will be setting up the times for each hallway to manage the size of the groups.  Expect to see info from Vicki on when you will be scheduled for your meeting.  If the meeting conflicts, let us know and we will adjust your time to another meeting time.

In this meeting, I will be reviewing the plans for returning to the dining room possibly in the next few weeks.  In general, the plans will look like you may have seen with other dining venues out in ‘green phase’ counties; limiting capacity, limiting seats at tables, and managing the flow of residents into and out of the dining room.  We are also going to review the changes to the dining program to our new restaurant style dining program.  This will be your first opportunity to see the new auditorium in action.  It does have a new audio system, a new projector system and also a Loop system for use by those with hearing aids that have Bluetooth capabilities.

For those who are not ready to engage in group activities, we will provide any information presented to you in paper form and we will also send information to any family who also have provided us with email. 

A more pointed reminder for your family to be sure and wear masks as they visit and we would ask for them to not enter into your apartments or the community.  We are providing for outside visits at this point and have not made a determination to open the building to inside visits.  My general feeling is that we will stay there until Delaware County moves to green phase.  If there is any need for clarification or help with visits, please reach out to wellness.  I am very happy to see the reunion of families as we continue to move out of this unpleasant state we have found ourselves over the last few months.  Maintain safety and we can happily stay connected to each other! 

As a regular reminder, we are asking all of you to wear your masks when you are outside of your apartments.  Please keep in mind your neighbors and your own health when you make your decisions to have your family visit, go out to the store or outside physician, and practice social distancing and wear your masks.  It is the best way to protect you and your neighbors.  Please take our reminders in the sentiment they are meant to be presented.  We are simply here to keep you as safe as possible.

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