Next Steps Update for all WEL Main Line Residents-5/19/2020

Based on the current status of our community, we are prepared to start working towards some resumption of services. 

This week, you will receive a questionnaire regarding housekeeping services.  The first question will be are you interested in resuming your housekeeping services, which will mean having a housekeeper in your apartment.  Saying no is absolutely an option.  We will also ask what services you would like from full housekeeping services to simply changing sheets and taking out trash.  When the housekeeping services occur, the housekeeping staff will enter the apartment with full PPE for your protection and also their protection.  There will be more info to come on this service this week.

Enhanced living will be sending out a questionnaire regarding benchmark testing.  If you are interested, this will be done individually and will entail some activities that will show the fitness staff how the lack of activity has impacted your general fitness and conditioning.  The testing will be done in the Energy Club and all precautions will be observed while this activity is being done.  As with housekeeping, this is also an activity you can certainly opt out of, but we are offering this as a service.  We will still not be offering group activities such as games, fitness classes and musical programs, but we are working on plans for some activities that can be done while maintaining safe distances.  The library will be available for you to choose books, but we ask that you utilize the living room to sit and read since we have moved all of those chairs to a safe distance.  Religious services are also pending further planning.

We have a call today with our onsite salon provider to discuss resumption of their services.  They have sent us a comprehensive plan for their staff and their own infection control processes.  We will review with our clinical staff to ensure it meets with our standards and hopefully will be able to offer salon services soon.  Just an FYI, this does not mean that your outside salon providers will soon be opening.  They are beholden to the Governor’s mandates and Delaware County is still very active with positive cases.  The bank continues to be closed for the time being.

There will be no resumption of transportation services for group outings at this time. 

Dining services will continue with room service.  We are not prepared to manage a community dining experience since mask wearing is not possible while you are eating.  We will reassess as we continue to move forward.

To be clear, all of these services are contingent on continued lack of new positive cases.  This virus is still in the area and is very contagious.

As we have mentioned in the past, we are asking all of you to wear your masks when you are outside of your apartments and we are asking you to limit your time outside of your apartment as much as you can, however we are not here to direct all of your behavior.  Please keep in mind your neighbors and your own health when you make your decisions to have your family visit, go out to the store or outside physician, and practice social distancing and wear your masks.  It is the best way to protect yourself as we wait for this virus to mitigate.  Please take our reminders in the sentiment they are meant to be presented.  We are simply here to keep you as safe as possible.

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