Next Steps for WEL Main Line – 6/8/2020

Tomorrow we will be handing out Clean Keys to all IL and PC residents.  This handy device will help you decrease the amount of times you have to interact with high touch surfaces such as elevator buttons or door handles.  We will also hand out the attached flyer with the keys tomorrow.  This is another initiative to help keep you all as safe as we can going forward.

Enhanced Living has returned to WEL Main Line!  Vicki has a schedule for some activities this week, utilizing safe distancing and group protocols.  These are under the watchful eye of Enhanced Living staff who will assist you in the new approach to group activities, using masks and keeping a safe distance.  We started services this past Friday evening and will have resident run prayer groups and Rosary this week as well.  Please respect the instructions and group sizes as we move into a new phase.

Fitness has also begun with classes and individual exercise.  We have had a great turnout so far and will work to make sure that everyone is able to get their fitness back up after our extended hibernation from Covid19!

The first dining changes will start on June 15.  As of that date, breakfast and lunch will be available for pick up in the Bistro.  We will cease delivery of breakfast and lunch on June 14th.  Dinners will continue as is with ordering on phone and delivery to each apartment.  We have started working on the floor plan for the new dining room preparing for our return to communal dining, but do not have a date for this change yet.  More to come soon on our new dining program when we can roll it out.

Friendly reminder for your family to be sure and wear masks as they visit and at this point we would ask for them to not enter into your apartments.  If there is any need for clarification or help with visits, please reach out to wellness. 

As a regular reminder, we are asking all of you to wear your masks when you are outside of your apartments.  Please keep in mind your neighbors and your own health when you make your decisions to have your family visit, go out to the store or outside physician, and practice social distancing and wear your masks.  It is the best way to protect you and your neighbors.  Please take our reminders in the sentiment they are meant to be presented.  We are simply here to keep you as safe as possible.

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