I am happy to share that we have had no new positive COVID-19 cases this past week.  We will continue to test staff weekly and health center and personal care residents monthly.


The window washers will be here, but not until after July 4.  Based on the predictions related to high pollen levels, which are anticipated to remain high until around July 4, we are scheduling the window washers to come after the pollen settles some.

As you have all heard, the weather prediction for over this Memorial Day weekend is cooler with some rain.  Please be aware that we cannot turn the heat on.  You can shut of the fan motor/blower in your home, but a certain amount of cool air from the air conditioner will still radiate.  If you would like, you can cover your heating/cooling vent with a blanket or magazines, etc.  The new heating/cooling system is thermostatically controlled, which means that the air conditioner will only operate throughout the community when the outside air temperatures calls for it to run. 

We are in the process of getting keys produced for all P Building residents, and we will alert you as to the process to get the keys dispensed to all P Building residents when we are ready to distribute keys.   I wanted you to be aware that if we become aware that residents are allowing visitors entry to the community through the P Building doors, we will be closing that entrance once again.  I cannot impress upon everyone the importance of all visitors entering through the main lobby for both health safety reasons and security reasons.  The other items you need to know about keys is that if you lose your key to the P Building entrance, you will be charged a fee for replacement of that key.  The loss of a key to the P Building entrance will require, for safety reasons, that we replace the core lock on that door and each resident in P Building will need to be issued a new key for the new lock.  The fee has not yet been determined, and when we distribute the new keys we will make you aware of the replacement fee.


As a reminder, everyone must use Sign-Up Genius to register to visit with a resident at any level of care. 

For residents who live in the health center, only two visitors at a time please.  There are multiple slots to enter, but they are intended to be one visiting slot per resident.  No visits may occur in the health center, unless they are reviewed and approved by the Director of Nursing or Administrator.

For personal care residents, visits may occur in your apartment.  Independent residents may also receive visitors in your apartment.

Please use Sign-Up genius to register for visits.  You must enter the code #8401 when cued to do so.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly at the email address or by phone. 

Stay well,

Suzanne H. Lachman, LNHA

Executive Director


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