Important information from Wesley Enhanced Living Doylestown, 1/31/2021

Our emergency call bells for apartments ending in 17 thorough 34 remain out of service. For residents in Personal Care, the staff is rounding and monitoring those residents and apartments. For any resident needing immediate assistance, please call 215-345-4300. For a true emergency, call 911 first. We are continuing to work with our vendor on the issue. The emergency call bell system in skilled nursing remains fully functional.
Independent Living Residents in Apartments Ending in 17 through 34,
Your Action is Needed for this Interim Safety Measure:

1) Prior to 2pm, staff will be placing RED cards on the clip outside of your door.
2) Turn the RED card over so that the words “I AM OK” are facing outward
3) Replace it in the metal clip outside of your door
4) Do this by 2pm today, Sunday January 31
5) Staff will be rounding to ensure that you have done this
6) If you have not placed the RED card with the words “I AM OK” facing outward we will be knocking on your door to do a WELL CHECK
7) Please do this every morning by 10am until further notice
8) We will also be using our dinner check in to monitor during this time
Residents, please check on each other, as you always do. We have alerted the Hall Captains to the call bell situation. I know you are all very attentive to each other. Families, please check in on your loved ones as well. Call 215-345-4300 with any concerns.

As you know a severe winter storm is predicted Sunday through Tuesday. It is snowing right now in Doylestown. Please have blankets, food, flashlights etc ready in the event of a power outage. Our staff and management are on site and already addressing the storm conditions and we will continue to do so throughout the storm.

Best regards,

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