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What precautions are you taking to protect against the spread of influenza and other viruses?

Per standard CMS (The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services), all visitors to WEL Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing facilities are screened according to the following guidelines:

  • Have you traveled within the last 14 days to restricted countries? (China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Japan)
  • Do you have a fever?
  • Do you have a cough?
  • Do you have a sore throat?
  • Do you have any signs/ symptoms of respiratory infection?
  • Have you had contact with someone with or under investigation for COVID-19?

If a visitor answers “yes” to any of these questions, they will be asked to leave the community and undergo a phone screening with an Infection Control Nurse.

Visitors to Independent and Personal Care areas of the buildings are asked to follow the same guidelines and refrain from entering if they meet any of the criteria.  Hand washing and sanitizing stations are being placed at building entrances, and we will continue a vigilant cleaning and disinfecting schedule in all common areas of our communities. Hand washing reminders are being placed in all public restrooms as a reminder of proper guidelines.

We are asking employees showing any signs of illness to remain at home, to prevent any possible contagion.

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