Executive Director: Weekly COVID-19 Update October 29, 2020

Dear Residents, Families and Employees:

Philadelphia County reported 5% positivity rate of COVID-19 testing in the most recent update, up from the 3.4% reported last week.  We must now test all health center employees only a weekly basis until such time that the rate would drop below 5% again. 

The tests completed this week have yielded all negative results to date.  All of the first floor health center resident results are in as well as numerous staff members.  We continue to be diligent with our cleaning, sanitizing, face masks, and other precautionary measures. 

A reminder to anyone who will be visiting our residents next week, proof of your flu vaccination will be required to be provided to us or you will not be allowed access to visit.  We have achieved 100% flu vaccination amongst staff members.

As I mentioned last week visitors (residents and staff are using it currently) will now experience an automated health screening process that is incorporated in the visitor registration system.  The Accushield system is located in the vestibule at the main entrance.  Every visitor who is entering WEL Pennypack Park will be required to:


  1. Sanitize hands
  2. Stop at the Accushield monitor to check in
  3. Click SIGN IN
  4. Click Family or Guest
  5. Enter Phone Number
  6. It will ask if you used Accushield before (This means any Accushield outside of WEL also)
    1. If Yes – it will take you to step 7
    2. If No – it will ask that you enter your First and Last name to speed up check in process in the future. After entering your name it will take you to step 7
    3. If Unsure – it will search to see if your phone number is in their database. If it is it will take you to step 7 if not it will ask you to enter First and Last name then take you to step 7
  7. Answer two questions:
    1. Do you have any of the following: cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, fatigue, chills, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle pain, shaking with chills, and new loss of taste or smell? 
    2. Outside of this community, have you been exposed to anyone who is COVID-19 positive or suspected COVID-19 positive?
  8.   Send to REVIEW SCREEN – review your answers and confirm they are accurate
  9. Screen will pop up to explain how to take your temperature
  10. Push SCAN
  11. Line up your face in the mirror for the temperature scan
  12. When properly aligned light will turn green and automatically take temperature
  13. Screen will display your temperature
  14. Push CONFIRM
  15. I am here to….
    1. Visit Resident
      1. It will ask for resident’s last name. This is their room number
      2. After selecting the room number it will ask if you are visiting anyone else
        1. If yes – you need to enter the other room number
        2. If no – it will take you to step 16
    2. Meet Staff
      1. Select staff member from list
    3. Attend Event
  16. Print badge

Visitor Sign-Out

  1.  Click Sign-Out
  2.  Click Family or Guest
  3.  Enter phone number used to sign in
  4.  Screen will pop up to explain how to take your temperature
  5.  Push SCAN
  6.  Screen will display your temperature
  7.  Push CONFIRM
  8.  Message stating you are signed out will pop up and you    are done

We will have staff available to assist all visitors with this process.  It is far easier than it sounds!  There is also a poster with enclosed step-by-step directions posted. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns.  You can send me an email directly at the address herein.  

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