Executive Director: Weekly COVID-19 Update May 28, 2020

Dear Residents, Families and Employees:

I would like to start off by addressing the fact that we are still in the “red” phase of this pandemic.  For our community that means that residents should not be leaving the community except for emergency trips to their physician.  Please make arrangements for medication to be delivered from the pharmacy, grocery orders to be delivered, etc.  If residents need to leave, all exiting should be through the main lobby and return through the main lobby to be screened.

At this time, we have no COVID-19 positive residents being treated.  We have no new employee cases that have tested positive since my May 22 memo.  We must continue to be vigilant and thoughtful about the precautionary process.

The dining team is beginning to set up the Fireside Dining room, in hopeful anticipation.  The tables have been moved into a pattern to allow for social distancing.  It is not the most attractive, but it will work!  There will be other changes, such as one menu in a plastic shield in the center of the table, lack of salt and pepper shakers but the individual serving condiments will be available.  The dining times will change and residents will need to be mindful of not “overstaying their welcome” in order to allow for disinfecting between seating times.    Seating will also be based on floors where residents reside; we will not have the “open seating” concept when we re-open.  All residents will be required to wear masks and will be screened prior to entering the dining room, as well.  These are some of the precautionary measures that we will be implementing when we can share a meal together in the Fireside Dining.  We recognize that some of these changes may be inconvenient and may not be popular, but we want to make sure when we re-open we can stay open. 

“Yellow” in the Commonwealth of PA general public is not the same as “yellow” in a retirement community.  Please keep this in mind and remain patient.  One thing that will remain the same, masks MUST be worn at all times in common areas such as the hallways, Wesley Hall, Fireside Dining, in the courtyard, everywhere that is not your own apartment.  We will provide more detail in the very near future, including how visiting the community will re-open.

Our staff continues to support our residents each day in many different ways.  It amazes me how much gets accomplished each day above and beyond the call of “normal” duty. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns.  Stay safe and be well. 

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