Executive Director update, 9/20/2021

Wesley Enhanced Living Doylestown
Friday, September 17, 2021

An inquisitive person asked me last week why we focus on incidence and positivity of the novel Corona virus rather than the death rate. The obvious answer is, to focus only on the one of the outcomes of the virus’ effects is to give an incomplete picture. AND, we should be about the work of prevention as much as possible, so that to look at markers earlier in the process is prudent and gives a head start at managing spread. The practical effect of prevention is to avoid health systems being overwhelmed. Medical care is one of those things that everyone wants to be a fix all: taken for granted when it’s successful and severely criticized when not. Prevention is an integral part.
Pandemic has been a massive, wrenching challenge for our national and local communities. It’s been a test of how we can move forward together as a society. I remain proud of our teams here, both medical and operational work groups, as well as the resident community for wonderful cooperation and good work. Negative outcomes were confined to the very early weeks of the pandemic. But, we’re not home free yet.
We will continue to share with you those markers of Covid positivity and community transmission levels. These will determine our ongoing testing protocols and any restrictions. Currently, the guidelines in place include no visitors for mealtimes and visitors with residents should meet in apartments or skilled nursing area by appointment. Visitors are always required to wear masks when on campus as are residents who are not vaccinated. Today, Bucks County positivity infection rate is 6.9% which is shows a slight decrease but remains high.

I’ve always thought like a social scientist, typical for a Sociology major, very sensitive to the social dimensions of human living. The clash we experience in our divided culture and political world is a failure resulting from too many people who are unable or unwilling to accommodate perspectives or world views that differ from their own. But the truism is that in order to be community, we have to value and respect difference.
Therefore, I totally enjoy working with a team of persons who have different skill sets and inevitably variable ways of looking at the world. Therein is a jewel of richness. When the mix of those variations are considered the result is better, with more durable solutions to any challenge.
So, I continue to believe that the greatest achievement for any community, a senior one in our case, is to have evidence of vibrant engagement of members with another, new relationships and appreciation. No question that community is the ‘value added’ character of what is experienced in a building like ours.

Formally, I say thanks for the privilege of being able to serve you. Informally, it’s gratitude for all the fabulous relationship, new friends and wonder-filled experiences. I commend to you Ms. Lynn Dukert, the appointed Executive Director for Doylestown. And my well wishes (not to be confused with the almost trademarked© program the Enhanced Living people provide) are for all to live fully, no matter the age.

Thanks to all. Signing off……

Steven T. Cherry, nha
Interim Executive Director

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