Executive Director Update 8/06/2021

Nursing Center Call System

Currently being implemented, a replacement call bell system has been installed and training is underway.  A higher tech system, it features a less intrusive signaling method.   No longer will there be lights illuminated above patient doors nor an audible alarm.  When someone pulls the wall or bathroom cord, a message is sent directly to a cell phone.  Nurses and aides will be carrying their own unit.  Caregivers will also be able to talk to each other, thereby coordinating care of each person in this high-tech way of communicating. 

Elevator 9

First and foremost:  Thanks for the patience shown by residents and all others, since the disabled elevator9 has caused delays.  I think of traffic reports that, on an hourly basis, warn commuters and travelers to find appropriate alternate routes if there are clogged travel arteries.   For us, this would be use of another of the other two main elevators in operation, or the stairs. 

Mike Rohrbach has learned from our service company, ThyssenKrupp, that repairs could take place as early as next week, with service being restored by the weekend of August 14.  Of course, this is if all the steps for repair happen as they should.

The programming team continues to maintain event schedules as first floor programs   But be sure to  review August calendars, taking note of where classes will be held.  For those who wish and are able to use the steps from eighty to nine, areas of the 9th floor remain open for use, including the pool, library and gym.    

We will be in regular contact with you for updates as they become available.

Ricardo Gonzales

Well known to most residents, Ricardo has been part of the WEL Doylestown family for 13 years.  He has worked in three different departments:  dining, housekeeping and program.  Karen Doler announced that he’s been promoted to a Coordinator position in relation to his work with Personal Care programming.  He’s also known for his creative decorating talents.  Thanks to Ricardo for his faithful, creative work.

Vaccination for Covid-19

It’s troubling that the incidence of new cases is inching upwards and we see this happening in Bucks county as well.  Last report it was 3.0% and today’s rate is 3.6%    So, we are maintaining precautionary measures.

Our vaccination program is going well with employee vaccination rate at 91% with only a few persons we know of who will not be receiving the vax.    There are also several residents who have not been vaccinated against Covid19.   As a reminder, unvaccinated residents are required to wear masks whenever they are outside their apartment.  

Steven T. Cherry, nha   

Interim Executive Director

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