Executive Director Update 7/29/2021


            Most residents and employees now know that the main elevator that serves the 9th floor experienced a breakdown on Wednesday evening.   Mr. Rohrbach is in close contact with ThyssenKrupp, the manufacturer/service company, to arrange for repair.  The difficulty with this event is that repair parts are not off the shelf and are currently being located.  So, a time frame for repair is not yet available.  The specific problem is a secondary brake motor that must be operational for the car to run.  Always, with elevators there is balance necessary to appreciate between the inconvenience caused and safety that is not only required by desired. 

            Ms. Doler and her programming team is currently revising program schedules so that many of the activities scheduled for floor 9 can be moved to alternate location.  Residents are asked to review their August calendars closely, taking note of where classes will be held for the month.  In addition, the wellness nurse for independent residents will still be available on the 9th floor, but can also meet residents on the 8th floor upon request.  For those who wish and are able to use steps, areas of the 9th floor remain open for use, including the pool, library and gym.    

            We will be in regular contact with you for updates as they become available.


            There’ve been questions raised about why we haven’t heard any fire alarms for months.  The quick answer is that because of the pandemic, various regulating authorities curtailed usual fire drill practice beginning back in year 2020.  This was to avoid unessential resident close contact gatherings.   There have been understated fire drill practice sessions in the health center and in Personal Care but there have not been building-wide drills.  This, without a doubt, coupled with having a new alarm system, causes us to be out of practice as a community, I’m quite sure.

            Therefore, we will be practicing.  In fact, reinstatement of usual monthly drills is coming shortly, but in the meantime, we will be reacquainting all residents and staff persons, with procedures and practices.   I expect that we’ll use our next Town Hall meeting for refresher education and orientation to fire alarms and drills. That date is Monday, August 9, 2pm.


            The prevailing word is that the delta variant of the virus is now the dominant strain appearing in new infections and that we’re seeing a gradual increase in cases.  By all reports, the predominant reason for the national uptick is stalling vaccination rates.  This lends confidence in our decision to make vaccination mandatory for employees and strongly recommended for all residents.  A reminder that any resident who has not been vaccinated should be masked when in any common area and out of building.  

            Today, we are conducting a vaccination clinic where a number of employees are rolling up their sleeve and some residents are as well.  This along with collecting vax cards from those who have received elsewhere, should bring us very close to the 100% mark. 

            In all, I’m grateful for the sensitivity and understanding of the community members that the fight against a pandemic is not over and that care and vigilance is still needed.   fI assure you, the WEL Doylestowbn community benefits directly from this over the long haul.


            Are you aware that Wesley Enhanced Living Doylestown is 40 years old this year?  “Baptist Estates of Doylestown” [the original corporate name] building was completed in October of 1981.   Also, since we finished the latest renovation project last year, we plan to have a celebration commemorating both.  Save the Date.  It will be Thursday, September 9, 2021,  1-3pm.

Steven T. Cherry, nha   

Interim Executive Director

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