Executive Director Update 7/16/2021


It’s hard to overstate the benefit of good progress made with key infrastructure projects.  All are aware that installation of a new heating plant is well underway, well timed to be prepared for seasonal realities.  We are also in the process of getting approval for a new heat pump that serves the back portion of the Main Dining Room.  I’m aware that keeping that area comfortable in winter and summer has been a challenge for some time and I’m hopeful that this will be the fix.  And there are other equipment projects underway as well, including fresh air handlers for the main building and a new pump for the sprinkler system.   Then, we do have outdoor projects that are slowly being completed.  The front entrance sitting area still needs a plan for landscaping but the paver repair has made the area useable.    Thanks to the property teams who have helped to complete these. 

VACCINATION for Covid-19

First and foremost, thanks to everyone for patience over the past 18 months.  It has surely been quite a journey, difficult for all.  Despite how eager we are to return to the days before the pandemic, we must accept that mutations of the virus are still of major concern, with the reality of the Delta variant being a risk particularly for the unvaccinated.  Therefore, we are re-doubling our efforts to reach an even higher level of protection.   This effort includes a goal of vaccinating all staff persons and residents.  We understand and will recognize legitimate medical deferral options and conscientious religious objection.  So, we have provisions for persons in these categories to opt out.  Otherwise, we are making vaccination for Covid 19 mandatory for all employees and strongly recommended for all residents.   It is our strong preference that all family members be vaccinated and those who are not must wear masks to visit residents.  Unvaccinated family members may not visit residents of the Skilled Center except by special arrangement by the Director of Nursing.

We are all members of this community – whether we are residents, staff members, family or friends.  We want to protect our community members from possible infection and are therefore doing all we can to achieve this goal.  We are ready with educational materials and one-on-one conversations to help everyone better understand the importance of getting vaccinated. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll reach out to all persons who have not been vaccinated.  In addition to educational opportunities, we will also assist with details on how and where to get vaccinated.  An on-site clinic is planned as well to make vaccination easier.    

Thank you again for contributing to the safety of a residents, staff and overall community.  We continue to make your safety and that of the community, our highest priority.

Steven T. Cherry, nha   

Interim Executive Director

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