Executive Director Update 7/09/2021


Moving ahead with vaccination 2nd wave, our goal is to have all employees vaccinated by September and all residents who are not vaccinated be provided another opportunity to be protected.  There are three reasons why this is so important. 

FIRST, it protects you from covid19 and variants.                     

SECOND,  it therefore protects others, in that you would not be an anonymous carrier of the infection since it’s possible to be infected without symptoms.  As a health-related retirement center, respectful care is what we do.

THIRD, there is increasing concern and worry that the more aggressive ‘delta’ variant of the virus is now the dominant form of all new positive cases and vaccination provides a good protection against this strain.

We stand ready to encourage and assist everyone by answering questions that explain the safety of the vaccination.

By the way, Bucks county positivity rate remains very low at   0.9%  this week.


We are two weeks into the Bistro-focused meal service.   The logistics and food choices are being refined, adjusted and evolved, all in response to your comments.  The current configuration is what we are ABLE to manage presently.   All need to know that supply chains are broken and it is significantly more difficult to receive exactly what we want and even need.  Director Amanda and Chef Matt have to work around this constantly.  Our two times/week delivery have not been dependable – one was missed entirely because the delivery company had no driver to schedule.  As with any new configuration of services, please ask if you need assistance, be it beverage, menu or tray-carrying management.

On a light note, some of our key servers were engaged as a video acting team for production of recruiting video, to be used with our search for staff persons.  They had great fun AND we have a recruitment tool that we think will help the process.


As we are beginning to use common dining and meeting space, there’s great fun in returning to social settings.   But it is also time to renew safe practice for areas where congregating takes place.  In order to reiterate the tried and tested practices of walker management, we ask your cooperation so that we can maintain safe movement in common areas.  You’ll recall that the practices require that, when in dining areas and group events, each walker will be removed from the Heritage Hall and Dining Room/Bistro area and parked in designated storage areas.  Persons in scooters must transfer to a dining chair and your power chair will be parked for you.

BOILER PROJECT                           

Today, the crane is on site and old equipment is being removed from the building and one of the new boilers was lifted to the roof, along with four domestic hot water generators (for faucets and showers).   We’re pleased that the project is running very close to schedule and well timed to assure that heat production will be solidly in place for winter.   The project is sequenced to makes sure there is no interruption in hot water availability.  The work is being done by Industrial Mechanical, of Hatboro.

WINDOW CLEANING…is currently scheduled to commence this coming Monday, July12

TOWN HALL                                    

Don’t forget this meeting, scheduled for Monday, July 12, 2pm (one session – live in Heritage Hall, also broadcast on TV 1970).   

Steven T. Cherry, nha   

Interim Executive Director

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