Executive Director Update 6/29/2021

All about MASKS

Since we promised to review mask use in the building in relation to the governor’s June 28th target, here are a few questions and answers.

Q:  What are the new mask requirements for residents?        

A:  Residents no longer need to wear masks inside the building, PROVIDED they are fully vaccinated. 

Q:  Is it the same for Personal Care residents?    

A:  Yes. 

Q:  And Nursing Center Residents?      

A:   Nursing residents are still encouraged to wear masks when outside their rooms.

Q:  What about employees and visitors?     

A:  Employees and visitors must continue to wear masks inside the building. 

Q:  Do guests in my apartment need to be masked?    

A:   No, if they are fully vaccinated.   And, residents should observe a limit of 2 visitors per visit. 

Q:  May I have guests for mealtime?    

A:  Yes, but the limit is 2 persons per apartment at a time in the Bistro and Dining Room.   [We ask that visitors not eat in 2nd floor dining room].   Guests must be fully vaccinated and should wear masks until the time that food is served. 

Q:  Going forward, will vaccinations be expected for those not currently vaccinated?  

A:  Yes.   We have plans to provide vaccination for everyone; residents and employees.  The goal is 100% because of its effectiveness.  Residents who are not vaccinated will be expected to wear masks in common areas.  We expect employees to be fully vaccinated by the end of the summer.

Q:   Are symptom screenings still required for building entry? 

A:  Yes.  All persons entering should pass through the main lobby and screening process.  Screening is not necessary when leaving the building.


A side note…

In light of the terrible tragedy of the high-rise collapse in Florida, some have asked about the structural safety of our building.   The quick answer is that we’ve always understood that the Wesley Enhanced Living Doylestown building is an extremely stable and strong structure based on its type of construction.  We can point to the renovation projects of 2008 and 2020, both of which involved new steel shoring for the changes that were made.  In order to accomplish this, extensive engineering analysis was done to both enable the new construction, as well as to assure that the building can handle the alterations.  It’s for these reasons that we are confident in the integrity of this structure.   Furthermore, we are not subject to the corrosive effects of humid salt air that seaside structures must endure. 

Still, it is with much sadness that we remember those victims and family members affected by the Florida disaster – our thoughts and prayers reach out to them. 

Steven T. Cherry, nha

Interim Executive Director

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