Executive Director Update 6/18/2021


One of the things necessary these days for successful operation is making sure our reputation is strong and good.   These days, this means paying attention to messages about a company that freely flow in cyberspace.  Social media is one of the places where strong statements land about what’s good and what’s not good out there. Our marketing teams play close attention to this and every now and again they ask for public comments.  Funny thing how mostly, customers send a message when they’re irritated.  So, it’s a good thing when those who have had good experiences share their thoughts too.  

If you’ve had a good time or appreciate something about Wesley Enhanced Living, writing a review is helpful in the extreme.  

If you’re an employee, log in this way:    https://www.wel.org/employee-reviews/  using one of the sites listed. 

If you are a resident or family, use this site: https://www.wel.org/wesley-enhanced-living-doylestown/reviews/           And thanks.


There’s been concern about some clutter on our property.  We’re scheduling the removal of the old bus and pickup truck, to happen in a matter of weeks.  Interestingly, the snow plow in the main parking lot actually belongs to our landscaping contractor that they used during the last snow storm.  They are slow to pick up due to their short staffing problems.

The shipping containers at the back of the property have been used for furniture storage, left from the most recent renovation project.  These will be emptied and scheduled for removal.

The outdoor patio at main entrance is waiting for more benches & chairs, on order and to be delivered the week of 6/28 or 7/5.  But because delivery schedules have been precarious, we’ll look for temporary outdoor seating for this area.


In response to a resident question, credit cards cannot be used for making donations to the Resident Council or when purchasing items from hallway sales.  The Council has no method to process cards.  On the other hand, credit cards can be used at bistro, particularly because we don’t handle cash at the dining venues.


Amanda Maxwell, Manager and Chef Matt Schwartz, provided a comprehensive review of the dining program.   There is printed handout available that spells out our current situation and detail the changes, starting Monday, to utilize Bistro daily for lunch and dinners.  See the front desk team if you need a copy.

TV 1970   We’d like to hear from you.  Our in-house TV channel 1970 is being used more and more for internal programming.  Is it working for you?  Do you have suggestion?   Send an email to Karen Doler – kdoler@wel.org


The heating plant replacement project begins next week. First step is to dismantle the old and then bring in the new. Since the boilers are on the roof, a crane will be needed for removal and delivery.  Stay tuned for specific dates for this.


Masking for residents in common areas remains in place, most likely until Pennsylvania masking rules change June 28. Employees and guests will still be required to wear masks.

100% vaccination for residents and employees is the goal we are pursuing and prefer that visitors be vaccinated also.  Watch for details.

Bucks County’s positivity rate this week is 0.8%, consistent with last week’s low rate of 1.1%.

Visitation in the nursing area remains the same:  sign up on website / SignUp Genius.  We have 1 indoor and 3 outdoor visitation locations.   The sign-up process shows available time slots.

Steven T. Cherry, nha

Interim Executive Director

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