Executive Director Update 5/18/2021


In a word, we are holding steady for the most part, maintaining our masking practices for the building.  As you know, on Friday the Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued new, significantly relaxed masking requirements for most vaccinated Americans…certainly a cause for jubilation.  But there are some ‘small print’ qualifiers for which we have some concern. 

The way that we’re applying this to the WEL Doylestown community is to watch the Bucks County positivity rate, which stands at   5.3%  as of Friday the 15th.   Once the rate drops below five percent, we will relax visitation and masking rules.   We also take cues from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, which has not relaxed mask requirements to the extent suggested by the CDC.   Furthermore, the idea of reducing mask use assumes full vaccination and we know that there are persons not yet vaccinated.    Therefore, we are revisiting our efforts to make sure residents and employees are vaccinated and are strongly recommending the same for visitors.  The idea will be that those who are not vaccinated will need to wear a mask even when we drop the community requirement for mask use. 

Immediately, we will allow those participating in small group activities, when we know all are vaccinated, to participate without masking.   Larger in-person gatherings, like worship services and Thursday evening programs, will require masks.  At this time also all, including visitors, are required to wear masks when in common areas, but not when out of doors.  


Fire Alarms   The new fire alarm system uses voice directions that have now been updated to reflect our process. The commands will tell all residents to remain in their apartments and close all doors until being provided with further instructions. This is the proper instructions for floors 4-9. Floors 1, 2,3 and 9 will get their own voice directions to reflect the proper procedure for those areas. Personal Care staff are trained on the proper procedure for their areas. As always residents in those areas should follow the personal care staff directions at all times.  If you are away from your apartment and in a common area please find the closest exit and let a WEL staff member know you are safe.

Steven T. Cherry, nha

Interim Executive Director

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