Executive Director COVID-19 update 12/23/2020

Dear Residents, Families and Employees: 

As you are aware, two COVID-19 vaccines have been approved for Emergency Use by the FDA, Pfizer and Moderna.  These have begun to be distributed throughout our area.  I have been in contact with our Partner Pharmacy, CVS, who will come on site to administer the vaccine, but we have no confirmed date as yet.  I do not know if we will receive Pfizer or Moderna.  What we were told is they will come for the 1st round of vaccination and return 21(Pfizer) or 28(Moderna) days later for a booster (depending on which vaccine is administered).  They will likely come for a 3rd round as well. As soon as dates and more information is available, I will share immediately.

Residents residing in Skilled Nursing are approved to receive the vaccine first, along with our heroic staff.  Unfortunately, the Governor has decided that residents in Personal Care are not eligible in the first round (see Leading Age Letter attached).  Providers were not formally notified of this information; as with other information during the pandemic, we learned this through the grapevine but it has been verified.  Additionally, residents residing in Independent Living are not included in the first round. 

As you learned in a letter recently shared by our CEO, Jeff Petty, Wesley Enhanced Living believes that all members of our community, staff and residents alike need to receive the COVD-19 vaccine.  Attached is important information concerning the vaccine including a Letter from our Medical Director, COVID-19 Vaccine Responsible Party Form , RNA Vaccine Information and Questions and Answers about the Vaccine.  Please read the information, consult with your physician and make a decision based in fact, not fear.  For residents residing in Personal Care and Independent Living, there is no action needed at this time, but please review the attached COVID-19 Vaccine Responsible Party Form so you are prepared when we request it in the near future.  Also be sure to have a copy of your most updated insurance card available.

For the POA’s of our Health Care Center Residents who cannot or do not make their own decisions, The COVID-19 Responsible Party Consent Form (attached for your review), must be completed and returned immediately.  Although we do not have a date for administering the vaccine, it could happen at any time with very little advance notice.  We need to be prepared in advance!  We anticipate receiving the COVID-19 vaccine in the next few weeks.  Therefore, I am asking you to come to the Doylestown Main Entrance (not the nursing home entrance) and pick up a copy of the consent form.  Please go to your car and complete the form.  Upon completion of the form in its entirety, including your signature, please return the form to the Receptionist.   You may also print the form and complete in its entirety at home and bring to the receptionist at the Doylestown Main Entrance.  All forms for residents residing in Skilled Nursing need to be back by the end of the day on Tuesday December 29, 2020.  Please note for residents utilizing Short Term Rehabilitation Services, and living at WEL Doylestown for Short Term only, your access to the vaccine may be impacted by your discharge date but you should still complete the Consent Form if you intend to receive the vaccine.

If you have any questions, please call our receptionist at 215-345-4300 and share your question.  The receptionist will send it to the appropriate person and we will respond ASAP.  The residents residing in Skilled Nursing are at the front of the line for receiving this vaccine, as they should be.  We must take advantage of that opportunity.  As we know from history, vaccines are a safe and effective way to protect us and our loved ones. Vaccines prevent illness and even death.  This vaccine can help us to return to life as we knew it in early March 2020 if people take advantage of it.   This vaccine is a gift.

I want to thank all of you in advance for researching the facts related to the COVID-19 vaccine and making an informed decision. We are all concerned about what we do not know.  But what we do know for sure is that COVID-19 is an infectious, deadly illness that has impacted every facet of our lives.  As evidenced with Smallpox and Polio in the not so distant past, this vaccine is the first step in eradicating COVID-19.  The last 10 months have been unimaginable for everyone; no one is unscathed including our residents, our staff and our families. The COVID-19 vaccine is a light at the end of a dark tunnel, please take advantage of it.

I am so very grateful for the ongoing partnership of residents and families as we move towards a better time, and for the support and kindness you have extended to our WEL DT Team.  And to our WEL Doylestown heroes, our staff, I send my unending appreciation and admiration.  

Best regards,

Maureen Casey, Executive Director WEL Doylestown

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