Executive Director COVID-19 update 12/23/2020

It is with great sadness that I share that one of our residents residing in PC, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 a few weeks ago, passed away yesterday at Doylestown Hospital.  Additionally, one of our residents who resided in Independent Living and was diagnosed with COVID-19 this week, also passed away yesterday in the hospital. Our heartfelt condolences go out to their families.  Please keep these residents, their families and our staff who cared for them in your thoughts and prayers.

Since the second wave of COVID-19, we have no cases in skilled nursing. We have had 5 lab confirmed cases in Personal Care and 8 lab confirmed cases in Independent Living. As shared above, two residents diagnosed with COVID-19 passed away this week.  Some resident have been hospitalized, some are in skilled nursing and some have quarantined on campus.

The staff member who tested positive in our surveillance testing last week, actually received a lab confirmed negative test this week during her quarantine; therefore, no staff tested positive for COVID-19 in surveillance testing last week and no staff have tested positive in the last 2 days of testing this week.

I wanted to clarify our current policy, which has been in effect prior to Thanksgiving.  If you are participating in a social visit, social gathering or meal with friends or family of any kind, on any day, we are requiring a 14 day quarantine when you return to campus. Thank you to those residents who have given us advanced notice so that we can help you to prepare for your return.  We have tried to implement policies and procedures that are the least restrictive from an individual perspective.  In making an individual choice that is best for you, we ask that you be accountable to the greater community in which you have chosen to live.

Certainly the holidays of 2020 are different than anything we could have imagined.  Despite the difficulties, I hope you can find joy and contentment in happy memories, in your friends and neighbors at WEL Doylestown, in calls and face time with family and in our campus and television programing.  I commend our Enhanced Living Team led by Karen Doler, our Dining Team led by Amanda Maxwell, our Facilities Team led by Mike Rohrbach and our Chaplain Eric Confer Martens.  All of our staff is outstanding and have worked tirelessly to support residents, families and each other.  But programing and fun, food, decorations, cleanliness, safety and spiritual support are critical at this time of year.

I am blessed to be here at WEL Doylestown with our wonderful residents and staff and I so appreciate the sense of community, kindness and caring we have here on our campus.

Warm regards and Merry Christmas,

Maureen Casey, Executive Director WEL Doylestown

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