Executive Director COVID-19 update 12/13/2020

Dear Residents, Families and Staff,

It is with grave concern that I share with you a member of our Independent Resident community has tested positive for COVID-19 this morning. And it is with serious disappointment that I share with you that in the last 2 days, I have received phone calls from the community at large and our own residents, who have shared that they have witnessed reckless behavior related to IL residents; behavior that is in direct disregard for the policy set forth related to visiting with family and external gatherings.

We have conducted contact tracing this morning related to the most recent positive IL resident. In addition to this resident who is in isolation on campus, we have initiated quarantine of another resident on our campus that was identified as being in close contact (within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes) with the resident who tested positive. We also have notified persons in the greater community who were in close contact with the resident who tested positive. Although we were not able to identify any other close contacts of this most recent case, the resident reports using the elevator, going to the mail room and moving in and out of the lobby. Residents may have been exposed without our being able to identify them through contact tracing.

I am now also aware of residents visiting families’ homes and gathering at restaurants in the last weeks. These residents chose not to report this and chose not to quarantine, despite respectful requests. Please know, the health and wellness our entire community is now at risk. It is imperative that ALL resident residing in Independent Living begin to monitor themselves for symptoms of COVID-19.

The following symptoms are related to COVID-19:

New or persistent coughChillsHeadache
Shortness of breathMuscle/body achesFever over 100.0
New loss of sense of smellSore ThroatCongestion/Runny Nose
New loss of sense of tasteNausea/vomiting

If you have any of the above symptoms, please notify your doctor (share that there are active cases of COVID-19 on our campus), your family and WEL DT receptionist. Keep in mind that our most recent cases started with benign symptoms of a cold, specifically runny nose and congestion. If you do not feel well, do not leave your apartment! We will help you. Leaving your apartment risks our entire resident and staff community!

We requested that residents and families make decisions that were right for them, but to respect the other residents and the community in which we live and work. In light of recent information and an additional positive case in IL, the team is in the process of reworking our current policies and protocols on campus. Per the IL contract, residents posing a threat to health and safety can be subject to immediate termination of contract. We are very grateful to the many residents & families who have been respectful of our policies. We apologize for the few whom have not and force us to reconsider our current practices. Our Leadership Team has been working today and will share more information during Town Hall.

Maureen Casey
Executive Director, WEL DT

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