Executive Director COVID-19 update 01/01/2021

It is with great hope and excitement that we at WEL Doylestown are heading into 2021! On Wednesday, 43 residents residing in Skilled Nursing and 107 staff received the
COVID-19 vaccine. We received 150 vaccines and 150 vaccines were given! Not one vaccine was returned. The Pfizer vaccine was administered and we will receive a booster in 21 to 25 days. Two CVS pharmacists were on site to administer the vaccine along with a tech who completed the data entry. As the residents received the vaccine it brought tears to many eyes. There was spontaneous clapping, cheering and laughter. There was hope and joy in the air. The first resident to receive the vaccine said, “I have been waiting for that for a long time!” and the next said, “Just like in the army!” The staff continued to be the heroes that they are, and rolled up their sleeves in anticipation of a better 2021 for their residents and their families. Fox 29 was on site as well to capture some video which did make the news! WEL Doylestown was prepared for any potential reactions but all residents and staff tolerated the vaccine well and most people did not even flinch! Today there a few reports of mild side effects including soreness at injection site, lightheadedness, lethargy, and headache but all staff did report to work today as scheduled.

Unfortunately, 2 more residents in Personal Care tested positive for Covid-19 this week so the quarantine continues to be extended. All staff tested negative this week. There were no new cases in Independent Living and there are no cases in Skilled Nursing.

I again acknowledge the staff for their fearlessness, their dedication and their optimism. 2020 was a year like no other and the team at WEL Doylestown worked tirelessly to provide quality care, safety, security and joy to those whom they serve. The staff worked together and supported one another through fear, sadness and sickness. They showed the world what it meant to be passionate and loyal to a mission and to service. The Leadership Team has been unflappable and focused on supporting their teams, our residents and our families. It is an honor to work and serve at WEL Doylestown with them.

We all are grateful to the residents and families who have been supportive, understanding, kind and considerate. We know how very difficult and devastating these circumstances have been for you all. We continue to be optimistic that the future will have our campus busy with family and friends in the near future. Here’s to 2021!

I wish you all peace and joy in the New Year!

Warm regards,


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